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MIlo rolling in ecstacy in my newly blooming catnip and then collapsing on the paved drive, but in the shade. That was ten minutes ago. The May flies and midges drove me inside.

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Watching Cartman run around acting like a ghost in front of people he thought couldn’t see him.

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My mom left me a list on the fridge regarding “things to do”
and number 3 on the list was

“call poo heater man ”

(she had, obviously, left out a crucial “L”)

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@noelasun‘s answer. Before that, I watched Glee last night and it made me laugh a couple of times. And before that, my best friend and I were discussing how painfully annoying it is when people smush names together when they’re talking about couples (like Brangelina, etc.). We were talking about fandom ones, and realized that Kirk/Spock is either Kock or Spork. We decided we approve of those.

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@MacBean: That would make Bones/Spock = Bonck.

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@jmah – great video. Thanks :-)

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And there’s Birk, which is a derogatory term in the UK, I think.

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“Bonck” is more fun. That one gets my stamp of approval, as well.

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This story my boyfriend told me.
When he was a teenager, a ~12 year old kid came up to him as he was walking down the street and tried to mug him.
He proceeded to walk away as the kid gathered his gang of friends to confront him again. They all walked up behind him and when my bf turned around, the one kid uppercut him in the jaw.
More pissed off than hurt, and once past the initial shock, my boyfriend then grabbed this kid by the thigh and armpit, lifted him up, and THREW him at his group of friends, who scattered like scared ducklings.

I’m dating Donkey Kong.

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Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets. Brilliant.

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@jmah I’m with you on that one. I couldn’t quit laughing!

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I was cracking up at my four year old today. He’s always good for laughs. We were at the playground, and they have these wierd swings that look like roller coaster seats. They’re too big for babies, so I guess they are for kids whose parents are ultraparanoid. Anyway, my son wanted to try out one of those swings, and kept yelling, “This is like a roaster coaster! I love the roaster coaster!” The swing was made of dark green plastic, which gets really warm in the sun. After a couple of minutes, my son said, “This roaster coaster is burnin’ up my penis!” :D

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YM babe was trying to tickle me. My abs were sore the next day lol

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I know it’s immature but opposite where we go for a smoke break at work is a 24 hour all male gay sauna. So me and two colleagues were having a cigarette and this very smart looking man in a very expensive looking suit comes out, less than a minute later a rather large scruffy fat guy comes out all red faced and walking very funny, well that was it Lucy burst out laughing then myself and Paul did too and we were all still giggling by the time we got back to our desks.

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SNL season finale – Will Farrell, Jeopardy and Sean Connery of course, with “I’ll take Catch The Semen for 400, Alex” .... “It’s NOT Catch The Semen, it’s Catch These Men”.

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My friends boyfriend had just got back from the ER and was resting. When he and the rest of my friends woke up we were talking and I emptied a garbage bag of confetti on him. Hilarious

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Every time I see our 120-pound American Bulldog lying upside down on the couch with her head thrown over the edge and her dewlaps hanging open.

Dogs are astoundingly silly creatures at times.

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Just about an hour ago, during our theatre rehearsal, I forgot my words and then the actor that was playing with me started getting mixed up and eventually started doing all sorts of silly stuff. We were playing a very powerful scene (it’s supposed to be a fight between two warriors) and ended up laughing uncontrollably for several minutes. We never managed to get the scene done properly.

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Go ahead and judge me, but it was a Larry the Cable Guy bit I heard on the radio today. If you want to read the bit you can do so here. It’s not the same as listening to him, but it might elicit a chuckle.

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Oddly enough it was while perusing Fluther. Someone asked a question about how she could prevent her cat from losing claws when they would get snagged from his scratching her very deep pile rug.

AstroChuck replied that one solution would be to cut off his feet altho that wouldn’t be very nice and it’s really difficult to get blood out of a rug.

I was drinking milk at the time and almost ended up snorting it out my nose——one of the hazards of multitasking with a phone in one hand and food in the other. Sometimes the weirdest things just hit your funnybone and this tongue-in-cheek line of his just hit mine.

Sometimes I am SO easily amused it’s alarming.

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That fucking Chuck always does it!

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My teacher was acting all bitchy and shit an my friend told me that something had crawled up my teachers ass and died and it got me by surprise and whenever I look at the teacher I can’t stop laughing ;)

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i was working on painting a 4 poster-board sized tree at my friend’s house in her computer room, and my friend’s mother came in to use the computer. itunes was on shuffle, and like 5 minutes later cobra starship’s spoof of (and probably the best song they ever have/will create) “hollback girl” (originally by gwen stefani) comes on. the first line is “uhhuh, holy shit, it’s about time you get off my dick” in a cheerleading sort of manner (instead of “uh huh this my shit” in the original). i don’t know if her mom’s reaction or my friend’s horrified expression was funnier.

also, i was watching the office today.

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Tickling the dog’s toes while she lay on her back about an hour ago. Hey, I’m easily amused and she was a convenient target.

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I was sitting on the floor with my back against the sofa, playing with my dogs. I raised my hips with the intention of scooting up onto the cushion. My little Corgi/Scottie pup ran underneath me and up inside the back of my enormous Tshirt. Her curly fur and cold, wet nose were tickling me, and I was laughing. My shepherd mix dog began licking my face to “help” me. I was pretty much trapped and helpless, getting French kissed by one dog while a whirling dervish was stuck in my shirt tickling me.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous I actually love Larry the Cable Guy too, but it is because of the sound of his voice and not the things he says. I can’t understand his words at all, but every time I flip past a channel where he’s talking and onto another one, the brief burst of incomprehensible twangy yammering makes me crack up.

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Darth Jackson. I can’t get enough of that guy, and my four year old loves him too.

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Watching Drop Dead Gorgeous.
I’ve seen it approx. 110 billion times, but it still makes me giggle hardcore.

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Hi. I’m Amber Atkins, and I’m signing up cause uh my two favorite people in the whole world competed in pageants: my mom and Diane Sawyer… Course, I hope I end up a little more like Diane Sawyer than my mom.

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sorry. everything that comes out of that character’s mouth is giggle gold.

or or or brittany murphey’s character in its entirety.

sigh. that entire movie is a collection of awesome quotes, man.

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@timeand_distance Thanks for the laugh. That movie is in my top 5. :)

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My 3 year old. She’s wise beyond her years, and constantly says very grownup things that crack me up. Then she asks, “Mom, I don’t know why you’re laughing at me? Why do you think that is?” and I laugh even harder.

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