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How much spending money should one bring to LAS VEGAS for 5 nights and 6 days?

Asked by missjena (918points) May 20th, 2009

Spending money would involve buying drinks and food etc. I probably wont go shopping or to any shows. Mostly drinking and clubbing is what we will be doing. How much is enough? Ive never been there before so I have no idea.

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Um, well we went for a week, and spent well over a grand or two. We did shows, gambled and ate out at high end restaurants. We even had to pull out the credit card. If you don’t gamble then you don’t need as much money.

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@casheroo “spent well over a grand or two”?

which was it, a grand? or two?

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1,000,000,000$ should get you a nice party ;)

But okay, fun aside, drinks are around 8 to 15 in most clubs. Cover is between 10 and 40 bucks. Vegas clubs have started to coordinate with each other, so every night of the week has one or two “in” clubs where the party is raging, while the others are mediocre to closed. If you want to hit the good clubs, you should definitely invest in VIP line service, or you’ll spend 2 to 3 hours in line to get in. Line service is about 100 to 200, just google Vegas VIP line service.

Food. If you want to get “edible” food, and want to eat on the strip, you should calculate about 40 per head and meal.

As for the clubs, crowds are raging and alcohol flows freely, so don’t calculate going out and having two drinks, never happens this way, not here anyways. So, I’d prolly calculate 300 to 400 a day at least, unless you wanna do discount Vegas, which sucks.

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i dont gamble. i cant bring 1000 my flight plu shotel wasnt even close to a thousand. It costs that much just to get into the clubs? omg this isnt good.

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well, I mean, you can go to a club and spend 100 bucks, but seriously, that’s not gonna be a blast. Without line service it can easily take 2 hours to get in. Even a Heineken is about 9 bucks. So, it’s really what you make it. All depends on how modest/frugal you are.

I just think if you do Vegas, do it right. No point in going to TAO or Pure with a 100$ budget. That might turn out more frustrating than anything. But on the other hand, modesty is not really one of my virtues, so you might get around just fine on a budget.

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@RareDenver I’m honestly not sure. It was our honeymoon so we just spent whatever we brought with us, what we got at our wedding, and some on credit. My husband handled the money at that point.

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Understood, going on my honeymoon soon and she’s put me in charge of the cash. Going to Cuba, can’t wait! Must be cheaper than Vegas!

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I’m sure you can have loads of fun in Vegas without going to high-end restaurants or clubs.

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Please go Kayaking down Black Rock Canyon.You start at the base of the Hoover Dam then take a 15 mile Kayak ride down river.
It’s flat calm BTW.

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1st: A week is too long for Vegas, especially for newbies.
2nd: Stay on the strip for cheap like at the Sahara. $50 to $80 per night should do it. It is also right at the end of the line on the monorail so you can travel all over the strip for cheap.
3rd: Rent a car to get out of Vegas and see the sights
4th: Ask a cabbie to take you to dining spots that locals go to a couple of nights. The food is better and the prices are fantastic.
Two people can live on about $500 excluding hotel and gambling for a week if you play your cards right.

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Terribles Hotel,East Flamingo.Cheap as chips,clean, safe, great,friendly Hotel.

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If you’re a girl and you’re really hot you may be able to get off cheaper. (if you don’t have a guy with you) Its not right, but it’s the way it is. In Vegas it’s who you know and who wants to know you. Batting eyelashes go a long way in the club scene.

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It is what it is :)

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@Judi You just got to be a girl, you don’t even have to be really hot. That’s the beauty of beer goggles. or so i’ve been told, hehe

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I don’t know where you could stay on the Strip for under $100 per night, and most are double that, then at least $50 per day per person for food (without alcoholic drinks)and $50 – $100 per day per person for gaming or shows.

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@Judi Thats tantermount to prostitution.You mean to say that you Ladies use your femininity to dupe us Guys into parting with our hard earned.Now, you either want equality or you don’t.GET THE BEERS IN!!!

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I get my drinks free from the ladies here in Vegas. Dun’ be hat’n cuz it dun’ work for you bro…

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The clubs go out of their way to have good looking women in them. They waive the cover charges and will comp drinks. If a guy buys a girl a drink it’s his choice there’s no duping about it. In Vegas you gamble. Sometimes buying that drink gets a guy lucky and sometimes it gets him a conversation with a nice girl. It’s still cheaper than the tables.

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@Judi i have been to Vegas 8 times so i know how it works and it’s a damned site cheaper than the tables.
The cheapest Beer in town is at O’Shay’s opposite Caesars.

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Okkkk so I just meant spending money. My flight plus hotel which is at Caesars palace is already paid for.

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@TROLL ; I never said it was fair or right or that I do it, (I don’t even drink) I was just stating how the game is played.
@missjena As far as spending money goes, it all depends on what kind of experience you want. You could spend thousands or go to a grocery store, make sandwiches in your room and just look at the sights on the strip for free, and everywhere in between. vegas will always provide a way to take your money.

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