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What would you do if you had a Burmese product in your possession?

Asked by reijinni (6847points) May 20th, 2009
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why is the origin important ? i have japanese and korean guitars, thai woodfrogs and chinese electronics and i…i use them

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I have never seen a burmese product anywhere, but I don’t believe boycotting helps the peoples of burma. It just makes you feel you have done something.

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The idea is to boycott products made from Myanmar because their people are essentially slaves because of the brutal military dictatorship. What was once known as Burma, is now known as Myanmar after the coup.

Boycotting Myanmarese products is a good idea but not an effective one since Myanmar is supported mainly by China. So if you really care about the human rights of people in Myanmar/Burma, the best bet would be to boycott all Chinese made products.

Unfortunately in America, not buying anything made in China is a difficult task and requires significant life changes.

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“Difficult life changes”??? God save us!!

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Consumer power is mostly effective when it comes to a company, not a country. For it to have any real effect you need political measures. But sure, personal boycott makes a statement. It’s not doing nothing.

But the US has already banned all import from Burma.

The US and EU have imposed economic sanctions against this country, that is already the poorest in asia and corrupt at the level of Somalia.

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