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Im looking for my grades in high school?

Asked by saady (1points) May 20th, 2009

im looking for my high school grades from Quincy high school…in 1975

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Have you contacted the high school?
I’m kinda confused about how we’re supposed to know your grades, or even anything about Quincy…

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Most high schools transfer records to district storage. Your district office should have your transcript and can make you a copy.

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wait, i think i have them right here scanning now

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I have them, you got an F in initiative!.

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You’ve got to mail a request for transcripts, and possibly transmit such a query electronically if it is accepted at your alma mater. Either way, it’s sort of a headache.

Usually if you need the grades for continuing education of some type , including college, the institution may be able to acquire the transcripts for you.

Otherwise, it’s a few offical formalities and snail mail, I’m afraid.

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I am familiar with Quincy and I have to first say, Good Luck. Then you must again try to request them, They will eventually respond and say they are checking but it will be awile because you are so OLD and the records are not in the computer. Then some day they will send you another letter saying the rcords for that year appear to be missing and they will be in touch. Some day your great grand children will get a letter with the transcript and a bill for looking them up. You will be in a nursing home by then and will not need them but that is quincy. Or you can show up in person get the runaround, tell them you will be back in a couple days. Show back up and then they will decide you are serious and will actually make an effort to find them. As long as you show up in person you may actually get them in your life time.

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