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Is it bad for my health if I don't sweat after I excercise?

Asked by johnny (335points) May 20th, 2009 from iPhone

I’ve been running a mile or so for the past week and I don’t sweat hardly at all. I have taken about a year off of exercising and have gotten pretty outta shape in that time. But I would think that since I haven’t been working out for that long and jogging in 105 degree weather, it would really make me sweat a lot. Is this normal?

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Where are you? 105-degree weather at this time of year suggests that you may be in the American Southwest, which is very dry—it’s possible that you’re sweating, but that it’s evaporating as fast as you sweat.

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According to exercise physiologists, the bio-mechanisms that cause you to sweat during exercise decrease when you are inactive. What you are experiencing is perfectly normal. When you become a little more trained and also when the intensity of your exercise increases a little, you’ll probably notice more sweat.

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You could also be dehydrated. Do you feel cold at all?

I didn’t sweat much when I first became active a year and a half ago. I sweat out 2–3 pounds each session, now. Drink plenty before and during your run, and you should be nice and moist soon.

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In addition, if you are hypothyroid one of the symptoms is not sweating when you should be.

Have you ever considered that you might be an android? Androids don’t sweat although they do dream of electric sheep.

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Ooh, @Darwin, electric sheep! Now I need a cold shower! :P

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@Darwin That is interesting information. They always tell me my thyroid feels large but when I was tested it came back fine. Not good but fine. I don’t typically sweat. Maybe I should get it checked out again. Okay maybe TMI healthwise but anyhow that is a neat little piece of info.

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I’m not a “sweater,” but my husband is. We were just talking about this the other day. He says my internal thermometer is wacky haha. I never really thought anything of it.

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