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Is anything considered normal anymore?

Asked by fedupwitcaddys (417points) May 20th, 2009

Call me old fashioned, but i notice alot of music and music videos depict stars PREFERRING to take more than one woman to the hotel, or to the sac or having to have the hottest car with the BIGGEST rims or seeing who can OUT SHINE one another with the most diamonds and im frankly getting tired of it. I’ve gotten to the point where i barely watch television and i practically ONLY let my children watch the Disney channel or Nickelodeon because i dont want then thinking that thats normal and thats the way to live to get ahead in life. To me, its not NORMAL and i feel like wholesomenesss doesnt even exist because everyone thinks thats what should be going on nowadays. am i wrong for thinking like that and should just lighten up or could i be making a point?

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Normal has no objective definition.

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hm…have you actually sat down to watch these nickelodeon/disney shows?
some of them are just as bad as regular tv.
kids acting older than they are, being disrespectful, talking about having boyfriends/girlfriends.
most of it is just plain riidiculous. sure, they might not say any “bad words” but what they’re saying is close enough and kids nowadays are mimicking them.
it really sucks cuz i can’t even hang out with my nieces or nephews because they try to act like the “cool” kids on the shows that it’s just so utterly annoying.

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Wow, we stick with PBS, more than Nickelodeon and Disney, for the reasons @amoreno06 mentions. I generally don’t watch music videos, I have very little interest in watching them, but yeah – they aren’t family friendly, if that is what you are looking for in a video.

Thing is, your normal may not be your neighbor’s normal. It’s very subjective. There are things on tv that are still okay, if you want more family oriented shows, you just have to screen them, or just rent family friendly dvds.

To some, we’re odd. We still play board games. We have family movie night, Fridays nights and we still sit and talk at the dinner table. We have very limited tv available to our children (6 & 15), but we don’t cut everything off. That’s our normal.

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Normal? Hell, if I wanted normal I would never have signed up for Earth. If you wanted normal you should have picked somewhere in the Crab Nebula to live your existence. Nothing ever changes there and every body is bored.

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Though the sexualization (is that a word?) of the childrens world feels disgusting. G-strings and sexy clothes for kids. Kids acting sexy on tv.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe this is what it means to be old.

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Might I add that what you consider normal might not have been considered normal for the previous generation, i.e. your parents.
Adapt or die.

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It’s normal to use the word anymore only in negative sentences and embedded clauses following if or whether. ;)

Feel free to ignore that prescriptive crap though. Language should be free.

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I understand the extent to NORMAL that some of you are talking about, but damn, if i wanted to sleep with a guy that i liked am i supposed to bring my best friend along so we can have “NORMAL” group-sex just to make it justifiable or better? don’t you think one woman is enough for a man? apperantly the media doesnt the way they portray wealthy men. You dont see women with money and fame talking bout bringing a dude and HIS friend to the motel to get busy!

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Obviously not.

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The setting on your washing machine is normal.

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Just cause you don’t see it does not mean it doesn’t happen. Do you see photosynthesis happening? Well, it does.

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Normal now is not normal then and will not be normal in the future.

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Why do we need to define something as normal? I suppose it’s because we are herd animals, and we take comfort in being in a like-minded group. This question is asking for like-minded people to show up.

@fedupwitcaddys: I ask you why it matters to you what other people think? Isn’t it good enough that you find, whatever it is you are looking at to be inappropriate? If everyone in the world thinks sex with multiple partners (and it doesn’t matter what gender) is cool, and you don’t, does that make your point of view any less valid?

I don’t want my daughter to grow up to think she has to be sexy to be worth anything. I don’t want her to think she has to have a boyfriend, or she’s worthless. For my son, I wish the same thing. He doesn’t have to be tough or good looking, or have lots of friends in order to feel good about himself. He can be himself, whatever that is, and feel good, even if no one else is like him.

Normal, schmormal. You’re barking up the wrong tree. It doesn’t matter what other people think. As long as you’re not hurting anyone else, you can believe what you want, and bring up your kids as you see fit. Normal is a mythical abstract idea that doesn’t exist. Everyone is abnormal in some way. Humans are too complex for normal to have much meaning. It might mean something on one specific attribute (say test scores), but it is not a quality any human has.

Give it up, and go back to being yourself. You don’t need anyone else’s approval to believe what you believe. Now, if you’re asking whether I like or dislike certain role models we see on TV, that’s another story. But that’s not the question you asked.

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@daloon im gonna say this and im through with it. i see where you’re coming from but i am being my self. i just wanted some good opinions to settle my mind with the thoughts on the subject. and im not basing my life or what i do on what people think, im just merely stating that i think its unfair and i feel like im the only weirdo on this page that feels this way. alot of times i feel unaccepted because i dont have big implant boobs or a big southern implant ass, cause thats what all the guys are into these days. even my little sister is fixing to spend her settlement money on some fake tits. so does that mean i gotta adapt and take my last dollar and run and get some? and it hurts because its hard to get to where i want being myself or NORMAL as i stated. and all i wanna know is WHY. THATS WHY IM ANTI-SOCIAL with one or two friends and i barely go outside cause i feel i basically dont fit in. or maybe its the the scitzophrenia. i just wanna be liked for who i am not what i will and wont do and what my anatomy looks like. im still beautiful without it. it just gets lonely when u dont fit in.

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We are all weirdos.

If you don’t get out you can’t fit in because you exclude yourself before anyone else can do it. You care too much. Take what you want in a manner of speaking. Decide what you want and go for it.

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@fedupwitcaddys Ah well, if it’s Schizophrenia, then yeah, you’ve definitely been categorized as abnormal. Most people get really uncomfortable when we talk to people they can’t see. Or do other anti-social things because our minds are telling us that’s what we should do.

Fuck ‘em. Fuck the whole psychiatric and social standardized world that says it’s too freaky to behave in ways that make them uncomfortable. We make a lot of changes so we can fit in. But sometimes they ask too much. And we’re killing off parts of ourselves when we do try to fit in.

Now I’m not necessarily happy to have a depression that makes me want to die. I don’t enjoy those fantasies of slipping out my window on the 8th floor. So, I’m glad the meds help. But I wish that society could make more allowances, because I think we have a lot to offer, and maybe they could just be patient with us, but not treat us as patients. No condescension. Just work with us.

When you’re “sick”, though, it is nearly impossible to not want to fit in. When they tell you over and over how weird you are, your self-esteem goes lower and lower, and then you’re really considering it—the boob job, or whatever.

I found my people through the DBSA. Google it, if you’re not already in a support group. You can find one in your area. We’re mostly bipolar, but we have a Schizophrenic, a Schizo-affective and an epileptic or two. Even a unipolar. They understand. We’ve all been in similar places.

It’s so hard when you think you’re wrong all the time. I wanted to end up in a gutter when I felt like that. I hope, though, that you hang on, as far as finding someone is concerned. I don’t know if you will find someone, but I do know that if you get those fake boobs or whatever, the person you find will not be the person for you. You gotta find a way to stay yourself, even if you are lonely. If you do that, you have a chance of finding someone who loves you for you.

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