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Is there a "web button" that a reader clicks if they like the page?

Asked by guerrillafutures (12points) May 20th, 2009

On a couple of different web sites I saw a small web button/badge that said something like “I Like This”. You click it and it changes to say “Thanks!” and that’s the whole experience, at least for the user. It’s just like the Facebook like-this link, but a button. Thanks!

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By “web button” do you mean a function of the browser and not the site?

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Are you talking about programming a website? There is no such thing, you have to create a button yourself and count the clicks.

I feel a clarification would help me.

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Social networking buttons can add a page to promote them (such as Digg) is that what you mean? Let us know what you are trying to achieve in more detail and we will try to help.

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…“Add to Favorites”- it is a star with a plus sign over it (located upper left on my screen)...

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On California web pages we use a Rate This Page thing you can click. On this example, it is at the bottom of the lefthand column. Is this the kind of “Web Button” you mean?

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