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Can you drive to el salvador from the united states?

Asked by matagrl4 (1points) May 20th, 2009

time length

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It’ll be several thousand miles through poorly maintained roads, but it’s definitely possible. Also, Mexico is having some trouble on both of it’s borders, so you might want to check and see if you can pass from mexio into central America.

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Yes. One of the women that I work with is a naturalized American citizen born in El Salvador & she & her family drove to El Salvador last year when they went on vacation.

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Wandering and superfluous ellipses make me want to stab my monitor.

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Yes, it’s quite possible to drive. As far a “time length”, I’m not sure if that’s a question or just a general statement, but obviously it would depend on what part of the United States one was coming from, as it’s quite a large country, as well as what part of El Salvador they’re going to, of course. You might want to consult MapQuest…

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Is it safe?

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@buster: Depends on your definition… I wouldn’t do it. But I wouldn’t go bungee jumping either…

I’m not a huge expert, but from what I understand, if a person did want to travel from the US to El Salvador across land I would probably advise them to take the most expensive bus services that they could find. From what I understand there’s the bus companies that buy off the robbers and the ones that don’t. I’m sure you can guess who’s more likely to get robbed.

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