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Don't worry be happy Marley or Mcferin?

Asked by Loried2008 (1998points) May 20th, 2009

Has anyone ever been confused about which artist sang the song?

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Not at all. However, Bobby McFerrin may have drawn a huge amount of inspiration from Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds.

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It’s too bad the general public doesn’t know more of McFerrin’s work. If you look him up on YouTube, there’s a lot of intense a capella jazz performances posted.

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I’ve never confused the two and I doubt that anyone who has seen the video with Bobby McFerrin and Bill Irwin ever would. Bill Irwin is one of the most skillful, entertaining, and accomplished movement artists (for lack of a better term) and a performance of his is not soon forgotten——so much more than a mime.

His name is not necessarily that well known but once you’ve seen him he’s hard to forget——so talented.

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@aprilsimnel – Actually I first knew of McFerrin as a conductor and as a Grammy winner (he’s won something like 10). I was always surprised that he had a silly hit single as I always thought of him as a jazz person and an orchestra person.

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It’s funny for awhile I’d always mix them up and what was even crazier I got online and a bunch of people had confused them as well. Three Little Birds was what I was looking for. Goes to show you lyrics are KEY ^-^

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“Don’t Worry… Be Happy” and “Don’t worry about a thing…” I’m dumb xD

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I do sometimes get Sinclair Lewis and Upton Sinclair mixed up though :)

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Don’t laugh at me! Ima dork Oo I didn’t know either song well so gimme a break haha

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Ummm…... No. I knew it was Bobby McFerrin. I actually knew who his father was before I knew who he was.

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I think it’s by Bobby McMarley.

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No it’s McFerrin : )

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Um, noooo…

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@AstroChuck…If I have another male child I am going to name him Bobby McMarley.

You should feel honored. You just knocked Jimmy Changa out of the top spot.

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<hopes for a girl>

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@Buttonstc Bill Irwin’s The Regard Of Flight was hysterical. He certainly belongs with the greats of silent comedy.

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