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Whats the last thing drawn in your skecthbook?

Asked by vegelizabeth (723points) May 20th, 2009

The last thing drawn in mine is a camera sketch

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The layout for my Halloween display this October.

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My last ten minute sketch from my first ever nude modeling class. Dude kept moving, the jerk. :P
Before that, the work underneath my art final.

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…a beautiful leafy climbing vine topped off with fleur de lys- it was both living plant and cold metal in appearance…

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my nephew as a knight in shining armour

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@asmonet – Those are very good! :)

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Penguins from The Penguins of Madagascar

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Well, I don’t have a sketchbook, but the last thing I sketched was a map of a “land” appearing in a fantasy story I’m writing. I don’t usually draw, but drawing maps is something I’m good at and sometimes I just can’t stop drawing them: putting in tons of roads, cities, physical features, etc. It’s fun.

Now, my adorable friend Rory on the other hand is an artist. I am royally jealous… :P

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My art that I was creating for printmaking, which consisted of a sun and moon and the surrounding sky fading into each other.

@evelyns_pet_zebra If only everyone shared in your enthusiasm, Halloween would truly rock! I wish more people were that interested. :)

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@asmonet Good drawing. It’s hard to stay still for that long

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@Tink1113 – I’ve drawn them as well, haha! :D

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The penguins?

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@vegelizabeth / @The_Compassionate_Heretic: Thanks! My final is actually a 3×3.5ft painting in acrylic. And all in all the model was extremely good, but we took freqeuent breaks and we had some emo-gencies with the students that interrupted us during that pose so he shifted a few times. That sketch wasn’t so much his fault. He was excellent on his own. :)

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@asmonet – thats awesome ! are you going to an art school?

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@vegelizabeth Sorry for straying off-topic, but I just looked at your avatar up close and I just have to say that you have absolutely beautiful eyes! :)

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@DrasticDreamer – awwee thank you ! :)

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@DrasticDreamer I think about Halloween 24/7, 365 days a year. It is my Christmas.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Me too! I even wrote an essay about it not too long ago. Haha! :)

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It’s been years since I regularly sketched. I think the last thing in my book is a nude female form. It’s in a box somewhere. These days I just doodle, more or less. I teach my kids how to draw random things, like eyes.

Speaking of eyes, DD is right… your eyes are stunning!

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the smile of a friend.

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The shape of the body behind the apple core in my avatar. Though truthfully I did rip that page out to make it easier to take the photo, so I guess the last thing I drew which is still in my sketchbook is a dragon :)

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@asmonet The final turned out incredible! Love the nude sketch too.

I sketched out two yesterday. One of a goth graveyard scene from an old cemetery I saw in NY and the other on the request of a client of pigs dancing with laurel of leaves around their heads. Both will be oil paintings.

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I gave my son a pencil and he created his version of art. It’s beautiful. (must take picture so I can post!)

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@casheroo – awwee you should !

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A big eared man wearing a birds beak over his nose/mouth, held on with a leather strap… I drew it during a meeting and “yes” it is as weird as it sounds.

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portrait of 2pac

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the last proper sketches were doodlings to go towards portfolio. the last not so proper sketch was what i would look like if i had crab legs.

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@bet_ Welcome to Fluther!

I sketched out a goth clock which will never make it to canvas and laurels.

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@Dog thank you very much ^-^ it is very nice to be here

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equestrian art

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@bluesky welcome to Fluther!

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Thank you :)

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Anime of course.

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