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Has anyone stayed at Hotel 1000 in Seattle or know anything about it?

Asked by Supergirl (1676points) December 3rd, 2006
I want to book a suite for my brother's birhday, and am interested in the new Hotel 1000. Any reviews would be much appreciated!
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ask kalle about it, shes been there and i think she has a friend that lives there. we might have a grad party there in the spring!!
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i took myself on a birthday date there last month. it was really expensive. but, really amazing. i was searching for a hotel based on quality of bathtub alone. the bathtub was AMAZING. be sure to get one of the rooms with a "city view" - in my view room we could lay in the bathroom, looking thru the glass wall between bathroom and bedroom, and see outside through the normal window. it was great. the room service food wasn't so good but everything else was awesome. there is a cool little library that is great if you like to sit and pontificate.
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great advice, went there this weekend, rented a suite and it was amazing. Agree on the bathtub--fantastic!

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