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What happens after 18 hours?

Asked by AstroChuck (37461points) May 20th, 2009 from iPhone

I’m referring to The Playtex® 18 Hour Bra. This must seem like a joke question but I’m dead serious. My wife just bought a couple last night and I’m wondering the story behind these things. Why do they call them 18 Hour Bras? What’s supposed to happen in the nineteenth hour? Do they turn into pumpkins or something?

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titties be explodin’!

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I think they’re supposed to be comfortable, even on an 18 hour day.

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I agree with @syz I think it is a statement of how long they can be comfortable. The other 6 hours are the hours you are asleep (and for many women this means not wearing a bra). So essentially they are saying it is always comfortable.

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Definitely pumpkins.

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I also agree with @syz. Of course the weakness to their claim is the flip side of it. After 18 hours they become *un*comfortable.

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Calvin Klein boxer briefs

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The 19th hour is totally up to you astrochuck, the ball is in your court after hour 18.

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I think AC is going to have to put one on and wear it for 18 hours to find out for himself.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra- Who’s to say I don’t?

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I’m marking this one as “A Great Question”!

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@AstroChuck that explains the happy smile on your little boy face.

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It’s all a damn lie. There is not a bra in the world that’s comfortable for 18 hours. I can’t even find one that’s comfortable for 2!

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Men think they know all about boobs, but they know nothing about boobs. They hurt, they feel uncomfortable, they itch, and it all gets worse if your bra isn’t comfortable.

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Plus, mine are pumpkins already.

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Do they have a bra that turns ‘em into melons after a while?

@Girl_Powered They don’t hurt me, and I think they’re quite comfortable and never make me feel all scratchy. If you don’t want ‘em, let me play with ‘em. ;-)

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Take that thing off in hour 17, and get some well deserved rest.

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Shoot, I take mine off the minute I get home. Fly, be free!

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@ru2bz46 What is your avatar? It looks like either a constipated squirrel or a rabbit during a proctology exam.

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@Girl_Powered Lol! It’s a head-on view of a beaver.

Edit: Here’s an expanded closeup of my beaver.

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lol close up of your beaver :P

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@Girl_Powered We only know how they feel to our touch, nothing else.

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@Girl_Powered – I love it, constipated squirrel or even better the rabbit one!!!

@Augustian – I agree!!! And the damned sexy looking lacy ones are the worst! I don’t understand why someone doesn’t start making them out of dri-fit or something like that and make them comfortable!!! I know Nike etc make them out of that sort of material but not great. There is a running bra made by Performax that is the best yet, but heavy and hot and not very flattering. See why should I worry about flattering, do men choose their underwear based on how it makes them look???

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Good question. I’d never buy a bra that promoted such a thing, because I only take my bra off for sex and to shower.

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After 18 hours they will no longer warranty the bra and if the elastic whips loose causing grievous bodily harm to yourself or any bystanders they will deny any responsibility.

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