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Searching for file management tool?

Asked by ragingloli (43793points) May 21st, 2009

Folder A contains Folder B and Folder B containes files.
I am looking for a program that will automatically move all contents of folder B to Folder A if Folder B is the only thing inside Folder A (that means, no other folders or files).
It would also be nice if the program then deletes the folder B.

Please make suggestions.

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Windows, OS X, or Linux?

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Why can’t you simply drag and drop the files from B to A? It would only take a second or so. I assume that as you are referring to folders, not directories, that you have a Mac. You can write a script to do this if it is a repetitive thing. Have you looked at “Automator” workflow actions on Mac folders?

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i use windows. and i have hundreds of folders to process. so doing it by hand is out of the question for me

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Are you familiar with VB?

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i had some vb5 a couple of years ago

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That might be your best answer then. What are the files and what criteria triggers the need to relocate them?

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I have to go. The reason I asked the last question is that I was considering the possibility of tricking an automated backup program into handling your problem.

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On Linux or Mac, I’d write a Perl script to do this. (Or, if I was feeling like I needed a challenge, I’d try to use find(1) to do it without any other scripting.) In theory, Windows Power Shell is supposed to offer actual programming power, or you could try using Visual Basic or Perl yourself.

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