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Has anyone successfully trained their kitten to stop biting?

Asked by andrew (16358points) December 21st, 2007

Our little 12 week old kitten has turned into a monster… he flips from loving, sweet creature into a biting, frenetic mess in a heartbeat, and seems to make no distinction between “oh that feels good, purr purr” and “oh, that feels good, let me maul your hand”. I don’t want him to mature into a neurotic hand-biter. What can I do?

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i’m afraid my try is a failure but I think its actually about the race of the kitten if you buy a Persian expensive one it does not byte!

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Kittens bite. The thing is probably just teething and will bounce out of it once he gets older. My advice is just suck it up and if he bites too hard get up and walk away, so he gets to know the limits of play.

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Yeah, maybe limit petting sessions to a few minutes or few strokes as the case may be. My folks’ cat will do that after a little to much petting or petting that’s too heav… uh, rough.

Also, I’ll hold my hand wrist bent (like you do to let a dog sniff it) just out of reach until he bows his head (he understands commands like “no”). Sometimes, I’ll have to bring it in and pull it away a couple of times (saying “no”) until he bows his head.

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A family friend told me to have a small spray bottle of water (much like from a gardening centre only smaller) and when he/she does bite say no and give him/her one squirt in the face. It’s harmless, it just means he/she will start cleaning it’s face and stop biting you. Plus they’re not big fans of water so once the conncetion is made, they soon stop. My kitten has nearly stopped, been doing it for 2 months maybe.

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I’d call the local SPCA and ask for advice. The kitty thinks your hand is a toy. Overpetting definately brings it on! I had a little kitty follow me home recently that decided my whole body was a toy. Not only was my hand and arms up for grabs, she’d run across the room and run up my slacks with her claws! I quickly re-homed the little devil.

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i have raised many cats from kittens and it’s also helpful not to play-wrestle with your hand. that is tempting, i find, but it makes the kittens think of your hand as a toy.

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It helps to imediatly re-direct their attention to a real toy after they bite. And never hit or spank. Cats respond in a very negative way to this.

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Wear a bad-tasting glove and let them bite it?

Be careful until they grow up a bit.

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If your kitten starts playing too rough, just stop playing with it. Eventually it will understand that rough play gets no love. Also, make sure your family does the same. One kid continuing to roughhouse with the kitten will exacerbate the situation.

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