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What is your experience with US immigration law?

Asked by Thakerlaw (1points) May 21st, 2009

Deportation defense in particular. Were you able to obtain deportation relief?

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I have a valid visa that I’ve used every time I’ve been to the U.S. (where I currently do not reside).

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hmmm I don’t know much, but if you break a law or something, they can deport you for pretty much what ever they want I thought (or at least try). What are their grounds for deporting you?

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If you’re a pernament resident and commit a crime with at least a year of jail crime I know you can be deported. If you don’t have proper documentation to be living here, I imagine they can deport you with much more ease.

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I don’t know much about deportation law, but I’m in the middle of a long battle to get someone into the US. It would be nice if it were as hard to get deported as it is to get here :(

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I don’t know much about deportation law, but I know that I was dating a Brit and due to gay marriage not being legal in the states she would never be able to get a marriage visa and since she’s British it’s pretty hard to get into the visa lottery, so we’d have to wait until we just worked and had enough money that she could essentially BUY her way into the country. At that point, I was more than a bit frustrated with the US immigration system.

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