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Any one know of a vinyl wrap for wood window sills?

Asked by wowie (9points) May 21st, 2009

I am tired of painting the window frames and wonder if they can be wrapped with some sort of colored vinyl

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You want to cover them with aluminum. This is what you cover external wooden windows, external door frames. You get a box of aluminum= which is a 3 foot wide cool I think. There is different colors but white and almond are standard. You need with a called an aluminum brake. You measure the sides tops and bottom of the external wood parts ot the window.You cut a piece of coil the length of your tallest window edge. The you measure the side it will be an L or C shaped pice you need to cover the wood. You measure all the sides. YOu then mark on each end of you coli. Suppose you making a C shaped piece the side of the C are a half inch. the top is 2 inches. You put your coil in th ebrake clamp in and score it with a utility knife if your break has no cutter. Then you bend the break and it snaps your piece. Now you got a four inch piece to make you C. Put this piece i the brake and mark half an inch on each end of the coil. Pust the coil in the break to the mark meets where it bends. Lock the break then bend. Reapeat the other side. after you make this PM me and I can still how to instal the pieces, the cuts and snipps you will need. Good lucck!

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You can also just replace the windows. The new retrofit windows available at Lowes or Home Depot are much more efficent, easy to install and are already vinyl.

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Hmmm, you mean you want to add some sort of protective siding to it? A good source on this is the following handyman site,

Here is a section of the site that is devoted to protective siding on the outside of houses:

If need be, and it looks like you might and should, you can obtain better advice from local siding contractors in your area, who could give you a free evaluation-estimate. In fact, for your convenience, on the same web page linked above is a text-link ad that offers up to four (4) Free estimates from such local siding contractors in your area; once you click on the above-linked site, scroll down on that page just a bit to get the middle, where you’ll see a text-link ad that says, “Find Siding Service Contractors. Get Up to 4 Quotes Now…Free.” Click on that in order to schedule some free consultations so that you can have your questions answered by a local contractor, plus get a free estimate in the process. Good luck with your house project.

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