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Who created the fluther icon?

Asked by wowie (9points) May 21st, 2009

its fantastic!

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“Fluther’s logo and design are the creation of Mark Bixby, the Best Designer in the West.” source

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so cute ^-^

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It’s adorable and I think I should order the shirt!

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PnL is a wealth of information!

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Love it also. And the app, it’s so easy on the eye.

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@PnL Can you put everything you know about fluther and the fluther people into a blog? I would love to read it. Don’t leave out everyone’s relationships to each other. That would be the best part.

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@chyna That’s a fantastic idea. I will now commence bugging @PnL to do it.

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And include how you know so much!

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@chyna @augustlan – I am afraid that is not possible! I wouldn’t know what to write. Things only come to me when someone asks a question :)

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who is PNL?

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@wowie PnL is a long-time Flutherite who is also a Community Manager here. Plus, she’s a Goddess.

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I just realized the connection between the standard jellyfish icons for users and the fluther icon…silly me.

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