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Why are the Jellyfish riding a submarine. Wouldn't they die?

Asked by brettvdb (1192points) May 21st, 2009
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Maybe the submarine is filled with salt water, and they are playing in it in much the same way that children play in quarter operated airplanes at the supermarket.

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It’s a submarine filled with water so they can visit here on the surface :)

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I don’t know all the answers!!!! Oo :)

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And might you not ask also, why are jellyfish wearing glasses? Can’t they read without them?

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No, everyone knows that Jellyfish have hypermetropia

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Well at least they’re in water, so I doubt they’d die. Would you die from riding a pig?

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@dynamicduo That depends if the pig coughs on me and gives me swine flu!

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You know, I’ve been eating super cheap sausages as a result (there’s been a bit more swine flu activity here in Canada). I love it. No complaints from me!

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Haha I’m from Canada too – Lets hope it doesn’t re-emerge with way more force in the fall like a lot of predictions are saying.

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Eh, I’m not concerned.

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Because Dr. J is el capitan and he’s got that shit under control!

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You do understand it is not a real Jellyfish or a sub.

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@ChazMaz you’re lying! that picture was taken using a high definition digital SLR.

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My bad. :-)

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