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What should I draw?

Asked by spresto (903points) May 21st, 2009

I am having trouble coming up with something to draw. Any suggestions?

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A pig riding a motorcycle.

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something pornographic.

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What you think people on Fluther really look like. :)

then link to them so we can see!

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What you see.

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Close your eyes. Takes 3 or 4 deep breaths. Clear your mind. While your eyes are closed start to scribble on the paper, then open your eyes and look. What do you see? Draw it.

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Dr Doom riding a unicorn with a rainbow in the background.

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One thousand little George Washingtons.

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Draw a picture of a mime playing checkers with a dog wearing glasses and a suit, while sitting on top of a surfacing whale, as it rains rubber chickens with bow ties.

Or try to memorise the face of the next person you see, then look away and draw a portrait from your memory. Then see if it looks like them.

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A Demonic devil/skeleton/Grim Reaper and then email me the foto so i can get it tattooed to my body .

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…go with that flow…feel your way through like an automatic writer- boldly go where no one but you can take them…

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What you draw is up to you, but what you shouldn’t draw is pictures of dicks…

Don’t waste hours of your day drawing pictures of dicks, eventually you will be addicted and you will not be bale to touch pen to paper without drawing a wang (link). One day someone will discover your dick drawing obsession and expose the treasure trove of wiener pictures you have hidden in your Ghost Busters lunch box.

Your father will yell, your mother will cry and you will end up in therapy banned from ever eating dick shaped foods. You know what kind of food is dick shaped? The best kind!

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Draw a warm bath, light some candles, open a bottle of wine and share all with your lover. Have fun…wtf

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What comes to mind when you hear the word “frizzer”.

Now draw it. Please?

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A full house.

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Tiger fucking a can of Red Bull, i’m telling ya, you could be selling the next “Ed hardy” shitty artwork T-shirts…

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draw what you enjoy, or just put on some favorite music and do some free association, just an abstract even. Let the creativity flow, its not something to force or overthink. Don’t even worry about what the finished product will be.

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i say just draw a picture of like idk your hands or your feet!
durrr its easy just dont cheat and put your hands or feet on the paper to make it look like you did a good job!!

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Obama getting it on with a white woman.

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lol ive been having the same problem :(

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HEY what about jellyfish??

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justin bieber being brutally ripped apart by piranhas

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draw micheal Jackson rhianna and lady gaga acting like best friends

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fat ronald mcdonald eating piles of cheeseburgers

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a million flags

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a teenager eating an apple

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a cake and cupcakes

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your best friend

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a pasture with rabbits and butterflys

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elvis presly at a concert with a bobble head

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statue of liberty

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a really big mocha m and ms ice cream cup

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oh and mad capper your you shouldnt speak these words on internet

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Draw yourself, doing the things you do on a normal day.

Then draw yourself in an epic battle to the death with a giant monster.
Superpowers, magic sword or futuristic supersoldier armour optional.

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Draw a line in the sand.

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Draw blood…become a phlebotomist.

See ya….Gary/wtf

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Draw whatever comes to your mind while reading this. Draw a blank piece of paper with a pencil on it. Drawing is art and art is creativity, creativity is whatever you think its is! :)

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You should draw a squirrel sharing an acorn with a bird =)

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Do NOT draw your cat.

Trust me.

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