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What movies have you seen and liked but were not very big hits at the box office, meaning not very popular?

Asked by jca (36043points) May 21st, 2009

two movies i liked a lot were Arlington Road and Set It Off. Both not very big at the box office.

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The Shawsank Redemption. That didn’t do too well at the box office which just goes to show the cinema going public are idiots.

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Zoolander, easily the most popular cinema flop turned into cult classic

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The Waterdance
The Commitments
Picture Perfect
Keeping the Faith

None were box office hits, but all were good movies definitely worth renting. The Waterdance might even be called exceptional.

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Marie antoinette
Big man on campus
Into the wild
and those are semi popular but not “big hits” i dunno if they qualify

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I liked Marie Antoinette a lot. Sadly, it wasnt a very huge box office hit.

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The Education of Little Tree

This is one of those little known but wonderful films that truly transports you to another place and time. It’s about a young Indian boy being raised by his grandparents who is taken from them by the govt and placed in a boarding school. It’s heartbreaking in spots but exhilarating and wonderful in the beginning and end.

The wonderful James Cromwell plays the grandfather. He also played the farmer in Babe. Great character actor.

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Oh and this crap film I was in, it’s only 20mins long

I’m the psycho priest by the way, the one that dresses up and kills people

Father De’ath

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Sherrybaby. It was gooood.

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The devil’s advocate

A murder of crows


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Josie and the Pussycats!

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Grosse Pointe Blank
Office Space
Evil Dead
Killer Clowns from Outer Space

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I’d forgotten about Office Space, a really good film.

and Evil Dead, I love them all

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Carlito’s Way.

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@basp I saw Popeye in the theater when it came out. I love that movie!

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[mod says] Torrent links removed. For the record, @RareDenver‘s pick was The Acid House.

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It was a great movie. I just loved the song by olive oil when she sang ,“he’s mine”.

I forgot all about crosse point blank! That was good!

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@basp Me too! I can hear it now.

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rocky horror picture show
what dreams may come
running with scissors*

*not nearly as good as the book but well worth the 2.50 to rent it

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I’m a sucker for the SNL franchise. My all-time favorite has to be a Night at the Roxbury (Ferrell/Kattan).

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V for Vendetta wasn’t too big.
I wonder why?
But it’s one of my favorites. I liked Chocolat alot, too.

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another quality movie 24 Hour Party People

Did you know that Steve Coogan’s brother was the singer in The Mock Turtles, that one hit wonder band that did Can You Dig It, just a little bit of trivia for you there

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Boondock Saints

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@Wine3213: re: Boondock Saints – Fuck, yeah! :D

I can rarely recall how movies perform at the box office, but here’s a list of movies I rated 4 or 5 stars on Netflix and don’t know many people who know them:
Chelsea Walls
Keeping Mum
Ma vie en rose
Children Underground
Hamilton Mattress
The Iron Giant
Me and You and Everyone We Know
Night of the Lepus
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Sylvia Scarlett

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Avalon is another movie that I really enjoyed. It looks like it didn’t do very well in the theater.

@MacBean Fido and The Iron Giant are great movies. Especially The Iron Giant. That one really surprised me.

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@MacBean and @jonsblond Just added Fido and The Iron Giant to my queue.

Also, Neverwas reminded me to mention another favorite of mine Finding Neverland.

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Lurve for both Napoleon Dynamite and Drop Dead Fred.

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@jonsblond ~ thanks :) it’s funny, because it actually played locally, but only for a short while. The kids convinced me to watch it at home one afternoon. First time, I fell asleep. But they kept quoting the movie ad nauseum. I gave it another chance, and was hooked!! now I own and wear a VOTE FOR PEDRO tshirt, ha ha

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Stay – Probably the most beautiful music and visuals in any movie I’ve ever seen. Sooo underrated!

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@mcbealer I didn’t love the movie at first but I was hooked the second time I watched it. Blondesjon has the same shirt. :)

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@jonsblonde loved this movie since i was little and my bf just watched it the other day and he’s already calling me snot face :P

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@Clair Drop Dead Fred was the first movie that my husband and I saw together. I haven’t seen it in a while but I will always remember it being our first. :)

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Little Monsters

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Withnail & I. Fantastically funny movie.

“We want the finest wines available to humanity. We want them here, and we want them now.”

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Smoke Signals

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Leningrad Cowboys Go America and Bridge to Terabithia are the only two I can think of.

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Amélie released in 2001

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Amélie totally doesn’t count as unpopular or not a hit!

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@MacBean Oh that was you! I was wondering who the other person was in the theater.

I sure liked that movie.

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Another one I liked was “Shultze Gets the Blues”. Guaranteed to cause a wide range of emotions. It’s also a great date movie.

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House of D with Robin Williams & David Duchovney and Kinky Boots. LOVED both of those movies!

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@meadowmuffinbluez, lurve for Kinky Boots!

Dunno if this counts, but SERENITY was only popular with a certain crowd. But it’s completely awesome, easily one of my favorite movies of all time.

I also liked both Tomb Raider movies. Brainless, but fun.

The first Scooby Doo movie was funny, mostly because it made fun of the entire franchise.

I agree with the others who said V for Vendetta. It wasn’t well received when it came out, but it’s sort of become scarily relevant. Great cult movie, eh?

Oh, and The Nightmare Before Christmas wasn’t well received when it first came out, was it? laughs hysterically

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There’s something about Mary
I me and Irene

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