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New Angels and Demons Movie. What do you think ?

Asked by Peach (11points) May 21st, 2009

I went to see Angels and Demons last night and I’m unsure what to think about it. As a film it was decent, but as an adaptation from the book, it was dissapointing.

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It was a significantly better adaptation of the book than DaVinci Code was. I was unhappy that they omitted a rather significant plot item (which I won’t reveal in case of spoiling), but other than that, I actually enjoyed it.

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My husband is reading the book now and is totally into it.

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I enjoyed it more than Da Vinci Code (the movie). I had expected the same aura of angst as the Da Vinci Code and was pleasantly surprised by this sequel. Sorry, but no movie can capture a summer in ninth grade reading all Dan Brown’s literature. I am really excited over the announcement of new book the third in the Robert Langdon series arriving this fall.

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I think I’m probably going to pass on seeing it. I read both books and saw the first movie, but I have no real desire to see this one.

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I read the Da Vinci Code and it just didn’t grip me. Never saw the movie. Probably won’t watch this one.

In addition, haven’t we had enough Tom Hanks yet?”

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I LOVE THE BOOK!!!!! I want to go see the movie this Sunday.. Is it worth it??

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I absolutely love the book! I’m going on Sunday too!!!
@Mrlltty: Thanks for not spoiling it!

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I haven’t formed an opinion yet because I haven’t seen it. I’ll get back to you.

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There could never be too much Tom Hanks!

I didn’t like this book nearly as much as I like The Davinci Code. I read it after Davinci and I was disappointed. The Davinci movie was disappointing too, so I dunno if I’ll see this movie.

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@knitfroggy That’s exactly how I felt – I loved the book The DaVinci Code, but didn’t care for the book Angels & Demons very much. And then the movie The DaVinci Code was pretty bad, so I wasn’t expecting much from the movie Angels & Demons, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Much better movie than the first.

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I have no desire to see this one. I preferred to read the book. However if it seems palatable perhaps I’ll download it in a week or so.

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@dynamicduo arg. Thanks for doing your part to make going to the movies more expensive for all of us!

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@MrItty That statement is ridiculous and incorrect. Do you know how many movies I’ve paid for this year? Of course you don’t. Thus your statement is based in prejudice and not fact. Thanks for showing your true colors.

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My true colors are never hidden. I’ve had a large amount of disrespect for people who don’t respect copyright law from the beginning. As a software engineer and a member of my college’s movie theater organization, I find it grossly offensive.

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As a new media engineer and someone who has made a movie, I am of a different opinion. And I must also point out that here in Canada our copyright laws are different than in the States, not like you would really care about such things though.

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Really? Canadian copyright laws boil down to “don’t pay if you don’t feel like it?” Awesome! I wanna move to Canada now!

(Btw, your “Do you know how many movies I’ve paid for this year?” question is idiotic in the extreme. You think that because you usually pay for a service, you’re somehow entitled to steal it occasionally? If you usually pay for your meal at a restaurant, are you entitled to Dine & Dash on occasion? If you usually pay for your clothes, are you entitled to shoplift every so often?)

I will apologize, however. To @Peach, for hijacking the original thread. Sorry, Peach.

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It was ok, easy to watch but I have read the book and much preferred that!

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No, our laws are not “don’t pay for it if you don’t feel like it”. Canadians pay a tax on the assumption that digital media will be used somehow in pirating content. Thus I pay for downloading whenever I buy a CD or iPod, even if I never use that CD for downloading. I have probably paid thousands of dollars into this media levy over the years, especially purchasing stacks of DVDs for backing up.

Do you know why my “number of movies” argument is NOT idiotic? Because I have spent thousands of dollars on boxed sets of things I truly enjoy. I purchase things I find value in, and do not purchase things I do not find substantial value in. I own every South Park DVD set. I own hundreds of movies and video games. How do I find out if things have value? By observing them. I am not willing to pay to have the privilege to observe and determine if I enjoy something or not. I am willing to observe it and make my judgment then. There are MANY ways I could observe something apart from downloading, it just happens to be that downloading is easiest for me.

There is a huge difference between digital creations and physical tangible goods, and I will not address your very faulty analogy because digital bits are NOT physical goods and you cannot compare them the same way. I cannot “steal” a movie. I can make a copy of it, but I cannot steal it, as the definition of theft is that the item disappears, and this is not the case with digital bits.

I’d love to keep up with this discussion in another thread… but honestly, I don’t care to preach about this more. I will keep doing what I do no matter what is said, and it seems you are also hardened within your position.

@Peach, sorry for derailing as well. This will be my last answer here.

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It was pretty good… but then again, I was high as a kite…

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As proof that I sometimes post on old questions, here we go:

I just watched Angels and Demons on television.
Sitting through the numerous commercials is nearly as bad as sitting through Ron Howards story telling ability.
I liked the story, till the end, which was stupid. I know this is a criticizm of the book, not the movie, but I just didn’t by the final plot twist.
@MrItty I didn’t read the book, so I am unaware of a plot complication left out. Has enough time passed for you to divulge such things?
Many of you posted that you would soon see the film. Have you, and what did you think?

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@filmfann Honestly, it’s been 3 years, and I no longer remember what that point was. Sorry.

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