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For those who have central air, how much (on average) do you pay to run it per month during the summer?

Asked by Jude (32120points) May 21st, 2009
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Average of 113.00 a month for about 1600 sq. foot house.

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1200 sq. ft. at about $175.00 mo.

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We probably spend $200—$250/month, our house is about 2000 sq ft. We keep our house set at 80 degrees, but our ac runs all the time because it so hot where we live 100+ degrees on average.

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We pay about $220 a month on average. Our house is about 1900sq.ft. It runs constantly because we keep it on about 70 degrees. We live in Kansas and it can get HOT in the summer. We ain’t tryin to sit in the house and be hot.

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$300 is our total electric bill. About $200 of that is probably air conditioning. Our house is 2160 square feet and we are in Southern Texas where it also gets hot. We keep our place at 74 degrees and run ceiling fans.

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About $150 a month for a small house (1000 sq.ft.) with an oversized ac set at 69 degrees in Los Angeles

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Average around $75, Northern California (between 10 – 12 days in a row 100+) 1400 sq ft, setting at 82 – but I only run it when other people are home. I’m comfortable without it most days.

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300 bucks…

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$205 for July, 2550 sq ft. Keep it on 75 too. 74 at night.

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Just got it installed last fall, so I don’t know yet.

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