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How do you invite people to your facebook page?

Asked by Greenwriter (118points) May 21st, 2009

I created a page for my company. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to invite people on facebook to join the page. Am I missing too many brain cells?

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Look them up in the search box by name, and then click “friend request” if the name and picture seem like the correct person. “Friend request” will show up on their profile either below their picture, or if their profile is set to private, to the right of the picture in the little box.

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I think they have made this a ‘spam free’ zone so that you cannot mass invite people like with groups. It’s because to be a fan you have to search for it yourself. You can share the page in messages or by posting it to profiles but am pretty sure you cannot mass invite from your friends list.

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Oh my goodness I totally misunderstood your question. I just re-read it now. How embarassing.

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@iAmLuca is right, users have to come to you.

Simply just posting Professional Page on Facebook won’t be enough, unless of course your company is really well known (MSN, NBC, Apple). Your best bet is to start doing some light promotion. For instance mention it in your company blog, announce it on your company Twitter account or even just send an email throughout your company and friends telling them all to join.

Basically just start telling anyone who would be interested and remember to think about how they (your fans) will benefit from joining (i.e. are you going to give them weekly updates, special offers, games, etc.).

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@drClaw Great answer. Advertising your page relates entirely towards the online identity management of your brand. Raise awareness by utilizing all different networks and by bringing your followers back to your source… which should be your blog/website.

Check out my blog which links to each of my other profiles also.

I’ve just finished a major project on Digital Marketing and Social Media so if you need any more advice just gimme a shout.

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