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When you listen to a song what do you hear first?

Asked by Loried2008 (1998points) May 21st, 2009

The music genre? The lyrics? The vocals? What do you hear and why is it always your first choice?

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I always hear the lyrics first because even though it may not be my cup of tea music wise I want to always see what the message is.

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The bass line, and it’s not a choice. It’s just what my ear hears first.

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@wildpotato that’s cool! The bass always makes a song sound finished to me.

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The neighbor kids stereo blasting.

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It’s usually the vocal melody that resonates with me, because I’ve been singing since I was 4. The words come next.

Otherwise, it depends on the song, sometimes it is a particular guitar or bass riff, or a rhythm or groove. Every song is different.

The lyrical meaning does matter to me, but there are some really formulaic songs with lousy lyrics that I’ll listen to because the beat just grabs me.

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That one part that makes my foot tap. So for me, the drums.

That, and i’m a drummer so I like listening to the drums to see if I can play that particular beat.

But sometimes, like with guitarists like Tom Morello and Matthew Bellamy I end up listening to the guitar a lot.

But sometimes it’s the bass, like in Red Hot Chili Peppers songs, or Who songs…

I guess I don’t know. I think it just depends on the band.

But where I really get lost is when bands have really good guitarists, bassists, and drummers. Maybe I listen to the lyrics a lot then…

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I first hear the beat then the lyrics
By the way hearkat I love your icon

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I listen for the best guitarist and the bass line.

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Hearkat – you welcome ;-)

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Bass. I listen for it, though.

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Depends on the song. I don’t think I listen “for” any particular element, but there’s always some part that sticks out as driving force behind a song. What makes or breaks a song for me a lot is the lyrics, though. I can’t freaking stand cliche or cheesy ass lyrics.

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My ears naturally pick out the bass line and any sort of harmony. I have to make an effort to listen to lyrics. Sometimes I’ve loved a song for months before I have any clue what it’s about.

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The vocal characteristics/diction/style/tonality is the instrument I hear, the melody/harmony/instrumnental structure/beat come later.

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If I’m watching it live, I listen to the bass line – my husband is a bassist, and that’s what I hear. If it’s on the radio, I listen for the lyrics.

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Tone, like atitude or demeanor. Yeah, sounds strange. I wish I could explain that better.

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The beginning

Seriously, I listen for the vocal portion when there is one because I am a singer. In an instrumental piece I listen for the primary melody.

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Style, vocals, words, rhythm. I love this

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hey that’s really good!

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Ever since I listened to the lyrics of Bridge over troubled waters, I seldom listen to the words, I just enjoy the tune – this applies to pop music generally. ”Like a bridge over troubled waters, /I will lay me down” indeed.

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