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Is there a way to remove a cached page from google?

Asked by sndfreQ (11729points) December 21st, 2007 from iPhone

A page from a message board was deleted from a website at the user’s request, but when doing a search in google the page still appears as cached by google’s servers. Is that page now hopelessly encapsulatedfor all eternity on the internet?

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The answer seems to be yes, if you put a meta tag in the header of your page.

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The best way to remove the page from Google’s cache is to remove the page from Google’s index altogether. The method mentioned above by eclesh is generally only used by people who still want their page to be able to be searched with Google, but not to be saved in Google’s cache.

If the page no longer exists, it will disappear by itself next time Google indexes the website. You can, however, speed up the process by following the method at

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You can also use Google webmaster tools located at (exact URL:

All that you have to do is verify your site and to remove it go to the tools section and select the remove the URL. There is an option for removing the cached copy of the page.

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Go to your Internet options, then search the tabs until you find “Autocomplete” Then, delete the cache of Passwords and Forms.

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@wizard: not sure I follow you; we were talking about the cache files on Google’s servers, not the local computer cache. Is that part clear? If so, could you give me a bit more detail as to how updating my local computer’s Internet/browser autocomplete cache would change the Google’s server information?

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