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Is there a decent freeware program that can convert a cassette tape to mp3?

Asked by Stanley (189points) May 21st, 2009

I want to convert a cassette tape to mp3 or .wav. All I need the raw mp3 file—I have another program to snip and edit it. I take music lessons that are taped, and I wanted to convert it to a digital format such that I can ultimately play it on my ipod.

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Yes, Audacity is a great one. You need the ‘lame’ mp3 converter to make Audacity work with mp3, but it is a great program for recording and some editing. Simply run a cable from your cassette player’s line out to your computer sound card’s line in, then set Audacity’s recording input to line in, and off you go!

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This is really easy to do. As @FireMadeFlesh says, all you need to do is plug your cassette player to your computer via a line-out (from cassette) to line-in (on computer), then use Audacity to record as you press play on your tape. You will be left with a WAV file, which is an uncompressed mp3 file, which is what you want when recording (only use mp3 when you are done processing, as you will lose some editing data).

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@FireMadeFlesh @dynamicduo Thanks. A .wav file is fine. I have an editing program that will snip it down, and I have another program that will compress it to mp3.

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