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what are some good methods to break my procrastination habit?

Asked by nomtastic (974points) December 4th, 2006
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I used to be a procrastinator, but I just started making a calendar with my own deadlines (that were at least a couple days to a week before the original deadline) I also make a lot of lists of things I need to get done,and it feels pretty nice to cross them off the list.
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this website probably doesn't help... :)
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(because i'm procrastinating now)
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as odd as this may sound, being physically active actually helped me more than anything else ever has. i tried making lists, but then i would just procrastinate instead of writing things down. i would set myself deadlines, and then let them expire
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but the more i went out and exercised, the easier it became to exercise regularly.. and the more in shape i became, the easier it was to keep a regular schedule, to do the things i needed to do, and even to be able to wake up better in the morning..
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i HIGHLY recommend it.. :)
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I find that if I can really wrench myself to START the task, I can keep going. Unless it's a paper, then I'm screwed. Small chunks, done often.
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Let me get back to you...
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Lists, lists and more lists. Having structure helps me stay on task.
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What about a shock collar?
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Have someone activate it every time you slack.
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If you are truly avoiding some task, maybe there is a reason and you could eliminate them from your one was ever remembered for being a neatnik or picking up the dry cleaning. However, you prob. don't want to live like the Collier brothers, either. Pick one chore that may be life-threatening, do it and then reward yourself w. a trip to gym or hot fudge sundae or whatever lights yr fire.
bob's avatar is a productivity website which might have some suggestions for you. My favorite of their suggestions is the "Procratination Dash." You set absurdly small goals for yourself, like "I'll work for ten minutes, then I'll take a 2-minute break." Then at least you've started, and you can get something done, one small chunk at a time.
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I also have a book called "The Now Habit" that has some good insight into why people procrastinate, and some suggestions for getting past the underlying reasons for our procrastination.
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Do the hardest thing on your list first. That doesn't really help getting started, but I found that if you take a deep breath and do the thing you're dreading most first, everything else is easy as pie.
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Sit down and relax for a couple of minutes. Switch off every distraction, from TV to laptop/mobile phone/mp3 player and so on. Then relax again for 5 more minutes. When you will find your self so bored you will have another good reason (one that is very effective indeed) to get thing started and (possibly) done.

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