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What does it mean when a man says you're pretty but not his type?

Asked by norah (241points) May 21st, 2009

He’s in his mid thirties.

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He’s trying to let you down easy.

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Exactly what it sounds like.

There are a lot of girls that I think are pretty, but that I just don’t feel “that” attracted too. All guys have different types. We can usually recognize beauty in the girls that aren’t our type though.

For example, Jessica Alba… I am not attracted to her… I recognize her beauty and think she’s pretty…. but she’s not my type at all.

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Oh, one more thing. We met online, but he still wanted to meet, saying “who knows…”

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I think it means he thinks you’re pretty but not his type.

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He probably is particularly attracted to women with specific features that you don’t appear to have. However, he might be willing to meet you because some of those features may have to do with personality rather than appearance and he is willing to see if you have those traits that don’t show up in photographs.

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I don’t know. No man has called me pretty before.

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It means you sid “no!” and he is looking elsewhere to satisfy his primal urges.

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@nikipedia This.

Regardless, it takes a bit of courage to muster up that “you’re pretty, but not my type” excuse. If he’s willing to meet you, he may be attracted to your personality, which is infinitely better than just liking you for your physical appearance.

Or he can be looking for a booty-call. Could go either way, but trust your instincts. If you think something’s up, don’t go through with it.

I wouldn’t focus too much on that one particular statement; what kind of vibe do you get from him? How is the rest of your correspondence? Sometimes we hang too much on one thing, disregarding entire conversations. Again, trust your instincts, and don’t let this one statement leave a nasty taste in your mouth; try to see past it. Conversely, if the everything has been “ZOMG WAT R U WEARIN” up to this point, then chances are he is a creep.

Hope that helps.

I’m a guy, if that matters.

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To me it’s a straight forward message – he’s trying to be nice and say it’s not your looks, he’s just not interested.

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He’s not into you, but if your self esteme is low enough and you will sleep with him anyway… He’ll take the free sex and not feel guilty because he warned you.

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I’m with @westy81585 on this one. The “you’re pretty” part is fairly obvious. The “but you’re not my type” could be referring to looks or personality. Maybe he can recognise your good looks, but you don’t have the specific ‘x-factor’ that works for him. If he is referring to personality, maybe you are just a different type of person to the type he is interested in.

Believe me, it is no insult. It is a very thoughtful and polite way of saying “you seem to be a great person, but not great for my wants and preferences”. He can probably see something in you, physically or in your personality, that is just fine right now, but he knows it may irritate him in a few months time. Be friends, but look for someone else.

Guys aren’t usually as cryptic as girls. Just go on what he actually says. He will tell you what he wants you to know.

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guys generally don’t said crazy mixed signals like girls do. so when he says YOU ARE PRETTY he means YOU ARE PRETTY just like when he says JUST NOT MY TYPE he means JUST NOT MY TYPE.
i know a ton of good looking dudes i would never ever date but they are still good looking.
don’t worry about things like this too much, you’ll drive yourself crazy
=]<3 peace

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He’s a fool! Move along. :-)

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@vaudevillian Is every man who doesn’t want you a fool? :-)

It means he is not in love with you. And probably that you are pretty.

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Sounds like he’s not your type, either.

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I can see that a lot of men are attractive and I can understand why other women might fancy them but they don’t do anything for me in that way. This man probably feels the same way. He can see that you’re pretty but he doesn’t fancy you because he’s not into you’re type of pretty.

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Sometimes people say things and there is no reason to try to analyze what they said. “Pretty but not my type” is really straight forward IMO.

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I agree with westy. I feel this way about a friend of mine (who was interested in me). Others feel that she’s quite attractive, but, I’m not attracted to her, really. I mean, I know that’s she “cute”, but, there’s no physical attraction there for me, if that makes any sense?

Like Angelina Jolie. I can appreciate her beauty, but, she doesn’t quite do it for me.

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It means there is a quality or aesthetics that does not put a curl in his toes. There was this girl I liked. She was cool and pretty. But, she always had “eye crudies”. I could not take it, so I would not commit to her. . Some things are just what they are. :-)

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@ChazMaz; in my house we call those “eye boogers”

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In ours we called it “eye poop”.

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Ahhhhhh, I am glad I am not alone with that thought.

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It means whatever you want it to mean.

Maybe he thinks you’re pretty on the inside but notsomuch physically. Maybe he thinks you’re hawt but a total bitch. Maybe he’s gay.

Point is, his opinion doesn’t really matter. If you think there’s aspects of your appearance or personality that you yourself don’t like, then maybe work on improving those.

Regardless, you’re a catch as you are. You’ll be even more of a catch as you mature (whatever your age).

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@AstroChuck I think you’re pretty, but you aren’t my type, either.

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i think it’s the easiest way to be as honest as he thought he could be. i would let him (and this) go, and focus on the guys who ARE “your type.” remember, you’ve got power too.

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let you down easy.

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That is your signal to say, “See ya!”


As a man, I take that as meaning she’s pretty in the definitive sense of the word——that is, she’s pretty according to what many would think, with pretty features as an “attractive standard”, but not the kind of pretty that I lust for or stirs my senses! Lol.

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