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Can bad things happen to evil people?

Asked by Bobbydavid (837points) May 21st, 2009 from iPhone

Does anyone have good examples of evil people getting a taste of their own medicine?

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Prison. The death penalty. Those are just a couple.

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Is that justice for evil though? Is that real payment and is it as evil as their own actions?

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It is justice, sometimes. Not always, but we’re left with no other options. What is justice, in dealing with criminals? Surely if something was done to them which was just as evil as they did to someone else, it becomes corruption. No person can do something truly evil to someone else, unless they themselves are just as evil to begin with.

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Maybe I should have asked, do bad things happen…..the good seem to be the only ones who suffer at the hands of evil!

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I see what you mean. I believe that bad things do happen to people others might consider evil, but no, it never seems as harsh. Which is because the bad people are the ones to deal out the worst of things in this life. So any suffering bad/evil people endure, seems comparatively insignificant, I agree.

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Yeah, my thoughts exactly

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Bad things happen to everyone. It’s just how things go.
OJ is a good example. He quite possibly got away with murder, but his life has not exactly been full of joy since then.

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Well I don’t know of any examples that I could give without invading anyone’s privacy. But I can say that bad things happen to evil people, just later in their lives when they least expect it and they have already forgotten about what they did wrong in the first place. What can I say Karma is a bitch. <—can I put that? :\

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Well I hope that’s true. Karma, another question and I’m sure there are so many excellent examples

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Jeffrey Dahmer got shanked in prison and died painfully.

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Being a bad person is its own punishment.

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@Bobbydavid I have never met a person who thinks he/she is an evil person, even if the surrounding people do. In the eyes of ourselves we always have a reason to do what we do, and there is a logic in all actions. Evil as something real is a matter of aspect. To me, evil is in the action, and not a person. But I see your point. There are people who seem to get away with a lot.

I read once about a rapist who got found by it’s victims family and castrated. I am not sure revenge is a solution, and I hope most people don’t think so either. Then you become what you hate.

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I really hope it is true that “what goes around comes around.” There is a woman I have worked with for 20 years that is very evil. She is doing something daily to get someone in trouble. Whether it is to berate a paperboy and get him fired, to a chef, to a waiter, to getting a student in trouble that goes to school with her daughter. The list goes on and on. I sit beside her, so I can hear most of her conversations. It is so ridiculous. She has nothing better to do than find someone to pick on and if she doesn’t get them fired or reprimanded the first time, she will keep calling until something is done. When I hear her trying to get a student in trouble, I really get mad, but there is nothing I can do about it. This is honestly an everyday occurance and I want to be there when she gets hers.

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She will if karma exists

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There is no such thing as an evil person. People aren’t good or evil, people are people. Evil isn’t an attribute, like nationality or hair color. Evil pertains to actions. Famous point: Adolph Hitler loved his mother, took care of his younger sister, treated his dogs like they were his children and was very caring to those close to him. He also caused WW2 and the murder of millions of innocent civilians. Hitler was not evil; he was simply a man responsible for the most evil form of genocide ever conceived.

And bad stuff as well as good stuff happens to everyone. Sometimes, it just seems like the good people get the shitty end of the stick more often than not.

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