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Why is fluther better than every other website?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12537points) May 22nd, 2009

It seems like when I’m on another website, regardless of waht kind it is, I often find myself wishing it was fluther. I’m annoyed by the excessive smiley faces, or the fact that when I write on a page or compose one, I’m not automatically subscribed to it, or that I can’t figure out how to contact customer service, and there’s no one to ask because I can’t figure out how to contact customer service, etc, etc, etc.

What is it? Is it that Bendrew is just so much more awesome than other website creators? Is it because they take user input into consideration more? Is it because the fluther users are more rad? What?

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Yes, it is very good. I think the interface is clear and simple and effective for what it’s supposed to do. No excess. There are some things I would like to see change, but as it is it’s very easy to use. Nice looking too.

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Fluther is part of a particular breed; the same breed as the likes of Vimeo, and applications like Ballpark., Facebook and Twitter might be in it, if they weren’t so monolithic and faceless as a result.

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I’m not sure if Fluther is better than every website, but I do get what you’re saying. Personally I find different value in each website, and Fluther is the same. I would not say Fluther is better than every other website, how can it be when it doesn’t tell me the weather :) I will say that Fluther is so far one of the best social communicating sites I’ve encountered.

As for why it’s so awesome, well when you do something you love, everything tends to come from the heart. You strive to make it better on your own time, your idle thoughts go to it, etc. I would say that Bendrew do in fact love this site, thus their love comes through and is one aspect of why this site has the draw that it does.

And that extends to the Flutherites too. They make suggestions out of love and these are not dismissed out hand. People feel value in participating in this community. Not only do they have the option to submit suggestions, they act on this with no prompting (and with prompting ala round tables). I would say that because most people here are internally motivated to participate, the quality of the site is high.

No offense to them of course, but I doubt it’s because they are “more awesome than other website creators” – the technology used here is pretty much the same used elsewhere. And a third party came up with the branding, so consider that. As a web designer I can say that pretty much every dynamic website functions in a very similar way, albeit using different languages and tools/techniques.

It is true however that Bendrew regularly introduce new features, which is always fun and interesting and shows their dedication to improving the site. In another community I participate in, their website was improperly coded and had security holes, this has had many repercussions including it being spammed and shutting down for a few days this past year. As well, there seems to be a resistance against introducing new features such as autoupdate. However, each website has its own culture, and the addition or lack of features plays into this.

In my experience, websites succeed and are great if there is passion, motivation and dedication, and those qualities are shown by Bendrew and the members of the site. Oh, and they don’t have a committee or many levels to go through before making changes, unlike Facebook nowadays, that probably has an effect!

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it has its flaws.
i think it should have links to the most popular topics on the front page.
i also liked the live chatbox on the right sideof the mainpage on

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In my experience there are two things that make a social networking site successful: the moderation and the supporting technology. Even though Fluther’s not perfect, there are many technological features that enhance the experience. And the strong moderation gives it its tone.

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What I enjoy about Fluther is the wide range of topics and the different perspectives of each user. Also I am glad that when a discussion gets a little out of hand the monitors intervene. This allows questions to remain academic and not fueled merely by emotions.

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Well, I’m here, for one.

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I’m just here for pancakes and the elusive guacamole.

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Fluther is the only site I use, simply because nothing else even comes close. Why do you think all the wonderful people migrate here from those other dying sites? Ben and Andrew are bloody geniuses and ought to be knighted by the bloomin’ Queen of England. at least until America gets its own person of royalty.

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look on the right-hand side of the front page under your lurve

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@La_chica_gomela because of people like you @everbody else and people like you too

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The thing I do find hard about fluther though is the ‘topic’s when you are asking a question, IF you aren’t the type that knows exactly what you want your question listed under it is a guess. I would prefer to see the ‘topics’ listed visually instead of the way it is set up now. I draw a blank at times on what topics would be good for specific questions asked.

I do like there are ‘active moderators’ on here that is the ONE big plus about this site! I am not sure about the ‘group’ of people that are on here as far as the age range, it appears to me to be a younger group, but then unless someone asks a question for people to respond it isn’t always easy to tell.

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I’ve looked on his behalf, nothing there only topics.

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Is it really? I don’t know. I don’t go on many other websites, certainly not for social networking. I have news sites and shopping sites and fluther.

The real question, lcg, is why are you on other sites?

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Am I misunderstanding somehow? There is a “Topics” section on the front page with links to the most popular topics. Isn’t that what @ragingloli requested?

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Yes bendrew is a big part of it, but I’d say it’s the community that keeps most of us coming back. people like you, chica

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@daloon: because fluther only sells t-shirts? not unlocked pink motorola razr v3s :-P

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because in the (slightly edited) words of lil wayne, “they don’t make em like fluther no more; matter fact, they never made it like fluther before. fluther’s rare like mr clean with hair, no brakelights on fluther’s careeerrr”

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@La_chica_gomela: I stand corrected. I understand the need to be eternally connected. but does it have to be pink?

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@daloon: Why would anyone want a different color? ;-)

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