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Have you heard about the cat food recall?

Asked by Strauss (20580points) May 22nd, 2009

I know we have a lot of flutherites who have cats. It’s said to affect the US and at least 10 other countries. Here’s a link to the company’s recall website.

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Very interesting. Here’s what I found:

“The recall involves several of the dry cat food formulations marketed by Nutro. The cat food products being recalled include the Max Cat and Natural Choice Complete Care dry cat formulations.

The following dry cat formulations have been voluntarily recalled by Nutro:

* Max Cat – Adult Roasted Chicken, Indoor Adult Roasted Chicken, Indoor Adult Salmon and Indoor Weight Control
* Natural Choice Complete Care – Adult Chicken, Kitten, Adult Ocean Fish

Additionally, the products affected by this pet food recall have a “Best by” or “Best if Used By” date between May 12, 2010 and August 22, 2010.

Pet food recall does not include dog foods and affects all 50 states

For further information, consumers are urged to contact Nutro Consumer Services at 1–800-833–5330.”

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oh no!
although I don’t have cats I have fed my dogs Nutro for the past 13 years… hopefully this has been identified and contained and will not continue to wreak havoc with their products down the line. They really are an awesome company, and their pet foods are top notch!

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Actually Nutro is not a premium food. I’m not sure about their cat food, but if it’s comparable to their dog food I would not give it to my pets. It’s not as horrible as say Dads or Gravy Train, but it is comparable quality to Iams, Eukenuba, or Science Diet. None of these are human grade foods. If you look at where pet grade “meat” comes from you wouldn’t feed it either.
I feed my pets Wellness.

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Don’t tell our cat – he is already in a bad mood. He was dreaming about chasing mice and I woke him up.

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Ha! My cat is chasing imaginary mice as we speak. I love laser pointers.

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@yetanotheruser That link doesn’t work. But thanks for the heads up. It is worrisome as I feed my dog the Nutro and hope it doesn’t extend to dog food too.

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What happened was there was a miscalculation in the additives so the mineral contents were too high. This would not cause an immediate problem but in the long term there might have been liver or kidney damage. I think it was caught in the regular quality control tests.

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My grandson works for a vet, and the vet says if you were feeding your cat the product mentioned in the recall, call your vet and ask her what to do for your pet.

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Yesterday, I noticed flyers posted above the area where certain foods usually are located mentioning the recall. This was in my local PetFood Express, which I love. Their website has some info about Nutro’s recall and a VOLUNTARY pull of Nature’s Valley products from Petfood Express shelves due to manufacturer specs not being followed. The URL is
Based on frequently asked questions about other commercially available pet food which claims it is “healthy”, Pet Food Express also had flyers posted which mentioned why they were not carried in PFE. Foods such as “Science Diet” and “Eukanuba” – read the ingredients and make your decision based on that! Your pets can be healthier when not eating “Happy Meals” every day. Best wishes!

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@Tulsi17 most people don’t read the labels and automatically assume those foods are good. It’s nice that your local store posts the information.

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