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Is there any way to hook up an iPod to the internet without Wi-Fi?

Asked by aLeXiE347 (51points) May 22nd, 2009

I dont think there is, but im not sure.

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You are correct. There is no way.

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Get the iPhone (with iPod builtin). And use the cellular network.

Which is my not-so-clever way of saying, no you can’t.


You jailbreak your iPod Touch. Even then, I don’t know what you would actually do. You’d need to have the iPod plugged into your PC and try to use the PC as a proxy for your iPod’s internet connection.

Maybe someone’s figured that out already. Or you’d need to develop your own solution from scratch. I’m just spitballing here.

[ Disclaimer ]: Jailbreaking voids your iPod’s warranty agreement and a jailbroken iPod cannot access the Apple App Store.

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Why would you want to?

I’m assuming this is a situation where the wi-fi is broken. I do not believe you can use the USB cable to access the computer’s internet line. Thus I don’t think there’s really any other way to connect it up with the net without using wifi. You might theoretically be able to use the iPod Touch as a remote for the other computer if you were on a LAN, thus not technically using the iPod’s wifi to access the internet directly, but this requires a working wifi connection anyway.

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I heard something about a VPN Network. if u have that, u need wifi, dont u?

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) == secure network communications

So yes, for your iPod to use VPN, it would need an active network connection (via wi-fi).

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Wow. Then whats the POINT???

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VPN provides encrypted/secure communication from your device to your office network, for example. When dealing with personally identifiable or company confidential information, such communication must be secure/encrypted as a matter of law (or corporate policy or just common sense.)

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The point of a VPN is to securely communicate to and from a computer that is not in the usually locked down network area. If you imagine it, it’s like a piece of cling film over top of a piece of pizza, protecting the pizza. The cling film is useless without the pizza. Similarly, you need to be connected on Wifi or wired internet in order to use a VPN.

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I am simply testing something.. Please ignore.


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