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Memorial Day Salute: Have you been or do you know anyone in the military? Thank you for your service.

Asked by GAMBIT (3852points) May 22nd, 2009
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I am retired Army, My dad was Navy , One brother was a Marine the other was Army (also retired), My sister was Army and My son is Army at this time. I have numerous other relatives and friends that are vets. and I am proud of all of them.

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Father; Air Force – Peace Time
Brother; Navy – Peace Time
Brother; Air Force – Iraq
Uncle; Marines – Korea
Cousin; Marines – Peace Time

All proud to serve. Thanks justwk.

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Grandfather – US Army, Poland during WWI
Grandfather – US Army, France during WWI
Father – US Navy, South Pacific, WWII
Husband – US Navy, Vietnam through Gulf War I, disabled vet

They were all proud to serve, and I am proud of all of them.

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I believe my husband’s father served in Vietnam
Many years ago I was friends and semi-lovers with a boy who went to Afganistan
Another friend of mine from long ago was so excited that he was accepted into the military that on the night before he started, he drank and started doing lots of push ups and his heart ruptured and he died, it was a great loss

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – Sorry to hear about your friend.

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@Darwin – Thank you Darwin. Have a great holiday.

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@GAMBIT yes, it was just so sudden, I was stunned…I remember thinking ‘I just talked to you, what happened?!!’

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All three of my dad’s brothers fought in vietnam, his father fought in korea, and my cousin is the only one I know on active duty (he’s in japan).

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Thanks for not forgetting the fifth branch :D

At your service, Sir!

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My dad is a Marine, he served in Vietnam as Infantry. Oorah!

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One grandfather was an Army medic in the South Pacific in WWII.

My other grandfather was in the Army but he died before I was born and I don’t know any details at all.

I have an uncle who was career Air Force. I’m not sure if he ever did any actual fighting but he was frequently stationed overseas; my cousin was born in Japan.

Right now I have two cousins and two friends’ husbands who are in the Army and all are currently deployed.

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I meet veterans on a regular basis. I ALWAYS shake their hands, look them right in the eye, and tell them ‘THANK YOU’ with true sincerity. As a person who has never served in any branch, I think it is only fitting that I let them know their sacrifices are appreciated. Respect and appreciation of those who have served should not limited to a single holiday. It should be a lifelong committment, and it is, for me.

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Actually, if you get down to it, almost everyone I know has some connection to the military. I live in a military town, near the only Navy base that also has both an Army base and a Coast Guard base on board it. Even our mailman, who is in the National Guard, has spent two tours in Iraq, a lot of my neighbors are single parents right now because of the military, about half of our church membership is military (and many are leaving for Norfolk in 6 weeks), and the lady down the street is a Gold Star mother.

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I have family and friends in all the branches. My husband is prior service Marine Corp, currently active duty Army.

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@GAMBIT, Thank YOU, for this question!

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My cousin is currently on leave, after finishing up whatever he had to do after joining the Airforce. He is young, but suffered a head injury at some point in his life, so he cannot be stationed outside the US, which really upsets him (he had his heart set on Turkey) He’ll be stationed in Utah, and we’re all very proud of him.
My uncle served in the Navy, 22 years. He was in the Persian Gulf war, in a sub. He was one of the guys finding all the bombs in the water and making sure they didn’t blow up on our men. (I’m not too sure the exact details.)
Both grandfathers served. My fathers father helped build the planes for war, he couldn’t go over because of a heart condition.
My mother was in the Army, briefly. Honorably discharged.
My father joined, but right before he left, he cut the tip of his finger off at work. They used to have very specific guidelines, and apparently that finger tip was important enough that the Army didn’t take him. Thank God, or I wouldn’t be here!

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Most of them for 3 generations
WWII-Father/Army Air Corp, Uncle/Navy, Uncle/Coast Guard
Viet Nam-Brother/Army. Brother/Navy
Central America/Germany-Brother/Army
2 of 4 Nephews served in Army

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Uncle – Army in the Korean War.
Older brother – prior Air Force for 11 years. Currently in the Air Force Reserve.
Younger brother – Navy for 4 years.
Myself – prior Army for 8 years and currently Air Force for 13 years and counting

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I did volunteer work with the United States Naval Cadet Corps for several years, while my son served in the Navy, aboard an aircraft carrier.

We placed flags on the graves, and participated in the honor parades.

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Submarinerer here- Notin the US army thou, but
Father – National Guard Officer
Grandfather – Wartime Sailor

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Yep I was Army Infantry Gulf War 1990. Plenty of my family were in the military. Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War and presently Iraq.

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National Guard too, often forgotten. My husband served. My sister was an Air Force nurse and her husband a stealth pilot.

Thanks to all service men and women for their answer to the call of duty.

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A little late, but here goes—

I’m a Navy Vet, Vietnam Era.
My Father was a metalsmith in the Navy during WWII
My father-in-law was retired Air Force
My older brother served in Germany in peacetime (1956)
One brother-in-law was in the National Guard Reserve in the late ‘50’s
One brother-in-law is an Army Nurse.

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