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Why is Tracy so afraid of the Internet?

Asked by wordtron (1points) May 22nd, 2009

My boss doesn’t like to use the Internet. Why?

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Ask Her !? !?! She is the only one who can provide the answer .
Tho i would say its cause she can’t find the correct porn she wants . lol

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How old is she? My parents think the internet is nothing but porn but always asks me to look stuff up for them. She may be intimidated because she doesn’t understand exactly what to do. My sister who is 42 is just now learning how to use the internet because she never needed to before.

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My ex-boss was afraid of computers, period. He refused to even send or check his email and always ordered one of his peons to do it for him.

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Many people are afraid of new things. Sometimes this is because they feel they will not be able to understand it and thus are scared of failure. Sometimes it is because they do not understand how it works and this makes them uncomfortable with using it.

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probably because people talk about her behind her back on the internet.

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Because the damn thing is smarter than she is and you know people are intimidated by anyone or anything that is smarter. That must be why I intimidate people.

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I say more power to her! Computers and the internets are nothing more then the anti-christ!
Ok, let me say that again, just to be fair to the “others”.
I say more power to her! Computers and the internet can get to be a big pain in the butt, and tends to consume more time then it is worth.
Just when I thought I was out, it pulled me back in.

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My dad is a CEO of a small-ish business and he just got his own work laptop about a month ago (he’s been working there for years and years). For some people like my dad the internet is just a strange place full of creeps and porn.

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