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Has anyone ever done a craft/hobby you did years ago and would like to start again but can't get the supplies to do the particular 'craft/hobby'? What would/did you do?

Asked by lollipop (734points) May 22nd, 2009

Has anyone heard of the Dutch artist “Anton Pieck” and his prints? He had several different prints that were very detailed and were good for making 3-dimensional pictures out of.

I did this way back in the mid to late 70’s for a few years then the ‘craft/hobby’ seemed to just disappear.

It is called three dimensional decoupage? It is done with several prints of one picture and uses ‘silicone glue’ to layer the pictures. You cut out different parts of the picture and have to use an Xacto knife and possibly tweezers to hold different pieces. IT is very detailed when done and dimensionalised!

I used to use his pictures but can not locate any of them anymore. Does anyone know of another artist that would have similar types of prints to purchase now? I did find one site that will give you an idea of what type I am looking for an a few of his pictures:

Any ideas, sites, suggestions etc. would be greatly appreciated as I really would like to get back into this. I made one into a purse and it even had lights in the picture.

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building plastic models. that was fun.

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yeah, i made jewelry. i ran out of beads and never got anymore.

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Developing and enlarging my own 35 mm photos. Not only is the equipment getting hard to find, but I don’t have the means to have a darkroom right now. Maybe in a few more years…

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Maybe you have been looking in the wrong places, I did a search for 3D decoupage and found a lot of great sites.

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@YARNLADY Actually, I did see some of those sites before I posted the question. I would like to find some prints of Anton Pieck, but it appears from what I could find most are gone or sold out, plus I am in the U.S. not United Kingdom and really would prefer to order from here if at all possible. There was a site I did have a few years ago and I think they were maybe either in NZ or England possibly that had a lot but I can’t remember the name and haven’t seen it when I have searched.

I need a place to buy the prints themselves and not ‘kits’ as I do know how to make the pictures myself.

Thanks for helping out though.

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Have you tried this link? It looks like they might have exactly what you’re looking for and it’s a US site. They refer to it as “paper tole”.

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@amanderveen, Thank you for that link! No I haven’t come across that one and it does appear to have several of ‘his’ prints available from the ‘quick glance’ I just took. I will definitely be looking more thoroughly on that later.

Yes the new ‘word’ or description is also called ‘paper tole’ but way back when I first learned how to do it they called it the other name….that is how things change over time! :)

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Aside from lollipop‘s link, it looks very possible to find Pieck’s prints.. I used Google, Froogle, and Google Images and there are a lot of results.

The 3-D image thing sounds cool.. I might have to try that sometime.

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