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Where could I find a small silver key fob or a tiny container for a geocache?

Asked by andrew (16543points) May 22nd, 2009

I’m going to create my first geocache, and I’m looking for one of those “buffalo” containers (small, oblong pill type container) or one of those silver key fobs that you can put on a keychain for pills. Any ideas where I might find them?

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Just google geocache container and you will find a plethora of such containers (with log books, etc that fit the tiny things)

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I have something similar for keeping matches dry when camping. It is metal. Maybe a military supply store (or camping) would have one.

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Old 35mm film containers?

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Try a drug store, on the aisle where they have the pill boxes to sort out a week’s medication. I’ve seen them there at Walgreen’s.

A sporting goods or dive shop may have a waterproof key case that could work well.

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You could also try a craft store such as Michaels or AC Moore.

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An Altoids chewing gum tin, painted to camouflage it, is often just about the right size. And it snaps shut nicely. Just remember to put the log in a plastic bag.

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@EmpressPixie: Too big. It’s a nano/micro cache. I ended up ordering some items based on the google search that kayak suggested—I couldn’t find anything in LA to do it.

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@andrew . . . takes a cacher to know a cacher!

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@andrew: I basically ignore the sizes as half the time the variance is so big that a “micro” could be anything from a seam ripper to a tea tin. But the best one I ever saw was made with what you used.

Which just gave me an idea, I have several tiny tea tins I should use…

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Still—it’d be interesting to know where I might find those things IRL, without google.

I stopped by 3 pharmacies—none of them carry pill fobs.

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