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Does A Tampon Hurt while inserting?

Asked by xxpinkbeachbum23 (14points) May 22nd, 2009

i dont have my period yet but i want to find out

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Follow the directions on the package insert. As long as you use it properly, no, it doesn’t hurt.

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No, it doesn’t. You have to learn to relax your muscles up in there, & get it at the right angle. Aim it towards your back, not straight up. If done properly, no, they do not hurt at all.

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It’ll probably feel a little weird at first, because you won’t be used to it, but it doesn’t hurt as long as you insert it properly.

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okay thanks because some of my friends say it hurts.

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@xxpinkbeachbum23 No, it doesn’t. They may not be doing it right, or the ones they’re using may be too big. How old are you, honey?

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Ok. Yeah, don’t use the big thick ones. Also, don’t try to put them in dry. That may cause pinching. When the time comes, just take your time with them & learn as you go. You’ll get it.

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Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never want to use pads ever again.

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I remember being worried about this too when I was younger
I practiced inserting fingers first, just to see

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Agreed, it shouldn’t hurt if you’re doing it right. Having the right applicator helps a lot too, I think. The “Pearl” version of Tampax have plastic applicators with rounded tips that are good for beginners.

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No, it doesn’t hurt going in, and you should not be able to feel it when it’s in properly (as you have no real nerve endings deep in the vagina). If it feels obvious that it’s there, it is likely not in deep enough. You will also not “lose” it in your vagina, there is nowhere for it to be lost. Start with the regular ones, they’re smaller. I agree completely, I have never ever used a pad (nor wanted to use one) since I started using tampons.

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Only if you’re male.

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It might be helpful to get some KY or similar type jelly to put on the end of it so it’s easier to put in if you have trouble. But really, it shouldn’t hurt at all.

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If it hurts, it’s not being put in correctly. You do need to have your period to make it work, though.

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I could not wear a tampon until I lost my virginity, because it hurt too much…and trust me, I was inserting it properly.
Here’s a great article on it because not all women have the same exact body, and your hymen could be placed I believe mine was.
That site also has a video on how to insert it properly.
I’m not trying to freak you out, but that could be why it hurts some of your friends.

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@casheroo A video???!!! Ooookay! :-/

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Don’t ever be afraid or embarrassed to ask another woman for a tampon if you need one. This might sound like strange advice, but the idea of asking someone for a tampon totally weirded my daughter out, until the second time someone she didn’t know asked her for one.

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When I first started using them I’d use those OB ones with no applicator, becaues I was able to get them in place easier. You shouldn’t have any pain or feel the tampon if it’s in right. Once I got better at it and learned the angle that was best for me, I got more comfortable using them. They are much better than pads IMO.

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It should not hurt. The trick is in the angle. Also, when you have your period, there’s plenty of lubrication. That makes it easier too.

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In the vast majority of women, tampon use is painless if inserted correctly. I had a retroverted uterus, so for me it was slightly painful. More like uncomfortable, usually, with sporadic pain. I was always aware of the tampon. Even with that, I still greatly preferred to use them rather than pads.

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If you have a small body frame, like me, (at least I think that’s why?) there is sometimes some pressure/very slight pain as you’re inserting, because the tampon is pressing up against your insides at a time when everything is very sensitive. Once it’s in, though, you won’t feel it at all and it is WAY worth it.

The first time I tried to use a tampon I didn’t know what I was doing and it was really frustrating and so it hurt just because I was jamming it around all over the place. Hah. So take your time, relax, bring a mirror. You’ll figure it out.

Another tip – as soon as you feel ANY sign of cramping, take two ibuprofen. This will help head them off so you’re not writhing in pain waiting for your pain meds to kick in.

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It doesn’t hurt… It actually feels really good…(to me anyways) I would never use a pad again.

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