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Is there a specific name for this sort of decorative line pattern?

Asked by Fyrius (14555points) May 22nd, 2009

Crude illustration of what I mean:
I believe it’s of ancient Greek origin, but I’m not sure.

A classmate and I are writing a paper on recursion, and I’ve arrived at the section about recursion in geometry right now. I’d like to use a somewhat more literate term than “those decorative line patterns.” I figured I might as well ask here.

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sorry i have no clue

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If your answer is “i have no clue” why bother answering in the first place?

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@uberbatman re: xxpink because she just joined fluther and she’s only 13.

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Addendum: Also sometimes called a “meander”—google “meander pattern” – may be helpful.

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@amelia_sham: You’re my hero. Thank you very much.

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A simplified version of the Greek Key Pattern.

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