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How not to drive with blocked rear-view mirror?

Asked by sebulba23 (78points) May 22nd, 2009

I’m planning a trip this June, and I will be driving full capacity (5 people) for about a six hour trip. I really doubt with all the luggage that will be involved, that I will be able to see the cars in the rear-view mirror. I don’t really want to buy a roof rack, or a camera. If I have to, I guess I have to, but anybody know of an alternative? Of course I won’t know if this is really an issue until I pack, but honestly, I see no way this can be achieved. I do not, under any circumstance, want to drive for 6 hours with no visual as to what is behind me. I’m driving a Jeep Compass, if that helps.

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You can do everything you need to do if you have a passenger side mirror.
Also consider a convex mirror which you can adhere to your drivers side mirror. This will give you a greater range of vision.

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When i had my jeep i never used the rear mirror because i had both large side mirrors and one of those little convex mirrors on my driver side. You can see everything just as well as you would with a rear view.

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I don’t even have a rear view mirror in my van (my wheel chair lift blocks any view out the rear windows). A trailer rental business (U-Haul) will have extended side view mirrors (that include those convex button mirrors) for rent. Get one for both sides of your car. And for goodness sakes, keep in mind your car just got about two feet wider (no compact parking spots for you)

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I really like the idea about the little convex mirrors to stick on the side mirrors. I’ll have to see where I can find those. Thanks everyone!

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if you have time, practice driving on city streets, and four lane roads, interstate etc; do so with you inside rearview mirrow tilted to the ceiling so you can’t use it and practice using the side mirrors if you don’t normally use them. Practice at night also and if possible in the rain. Travel well….........

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Thanks, yeah I use all my mirrors, and I can drive without the rear view, but I don’t feel as comfortable doing it, and I’m mostly concerned because I will be driving others besides myself. I’ll look into finding those stick on mirrors for the side mirrors, I think that will help, and I’ll practice getting used to them. Thanks!

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