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I just ate some moldy butter. Should I be worried?

Asked by essieness (7693points) May 22nd, 2009

It wasn’t a lot. Just enough to butter my bread for a grilled cheese. I didn’t notice it was moldy, but I did notice that my grilled cheese tasted suspiciously similar to bleu cheese. I went back to make a second sandwich and noticed the moldy butter… :(

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You’ll probably be fine.

You may get a bit queezy in the short run…. But I would imagine you’ll be totally fine with an a few hours…. If you’re really nervous about it, drink a lot of water, that usually helps.

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Just think of it as blue cheese. It will feel better. And, obviously, toss the cheesy butter out.

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Yah that’s another thing to keep in mind, all cheese is, is basically mold.

Appetizing huh?

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@westy81585 Thats gross even if it’s true huh

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I once hate a hot dog with green mold all throughout the middle, with no ill effects, so you’ll probably be fine.

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just for the record, cheese isn’t mold but rotten milk… Now the blue in blue cheese or the white on brie, that’s the mold.

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im freakkking out mannnnnnnnnnnn

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I think it will be ok. You probably didn’t ingest much of it anyway. You don’t really put a lot of butter on a grilled cheese and obviously it wasn’t too moldy if you didn’t notice it right away so the amount of mold you actually consumed is likely negligible.

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I put moldy jam on a English muffin once. I was fine. I wanted to puke, but I was fine.

Joe ate moldy slice of apple pie from the fridge once. Iggy flipped the light on mid slice and Joe damn near dropped when he saw what he was eating.

Everyone is still alive.

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@johnpowell Haha.

@all You’re probably right. I’ll be fine. I just can’t get that mold taste out of my mouth.

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@essieness Ew, I totally freak when I realize I ate something like that, so I can sympathize. You’ll be okay though.

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It’s a day later now. @essieness, how do you feel?

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When, you start getting that funky looking growth under your nails, you will know why.

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@Jeruba I’m fine! I had a problem getting the mold taste out of my mouth, but all is well. :)

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