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What is your profession/career and what do you love about it?

Asked by vegelizabeth (723points) May 22nd, 2009

I start my freshmen yr. of college this fall, i am majoring in early childhood education, i want to be a teacher because i love children!

So, what’s your field of expertise, profession, job, career, etc.?

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I teach 3rd grade. Inbetween the age of babysitting (grade 1/2) and “attitude” grade 4. The kids are so eager to learn at this age. Makes it easy for me. I love it! :)

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@jmah – that’s what makes it intriguing for me, they are so eager and full of life !

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I’ve been a military policeman for 21 years. I love it because it has been and continues to be rewarding, exciting, interesting, fulfilling, meaningful, and satisfying. Just a few of the bonuses are the great benefits, college money, world travel, and a high degree of self-esteem, pride, and self-worth that I’ve developed through my accomplishments in my career.

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I don’t have one yet because I’m still in high school but I really want to be a graphic designer or marine biologist

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Right now I’m basically unemployed. I am writing a book, teaching some english and doing a radio show, as well as a theatre play for which I also wrote the music. Oh and I sing at a bar every Friday night. I like all of the above, though they don’t pay much.

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@Jack79 – Those are all so interesting and different, though they each sound like so much fun! Just think of all of the different skills and experiences you’ll take away from each one ! :)

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I know, that’s what makes them fun. But they’re basically hobbies, not jobs. Even though I’ve been a professional singer for most of my life and also worked as a teacher. Never really tried a career in acting though. I always forget the words lol

I don’t know what I’ll be doing next. I got several job offers, but it all depends on how things turn out with my daughter.

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I am an Audiologist, and I still love what I do 17 years after graduation.

There have been similar questions like this, in case you want to see some other responses and ideas:

My son is also about to graduate High School and literally has NO CLUE what career to pursue. It is frustrating for us both, to put it mildly.

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@Jack79 – what kind of job offerings?! :) if you don’t mind me asking?

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@hearkat Do not be discouraged. I changed my major every year through college till the last two years. So long as he is going and moving forward he will succeed.

I love that I can create anything my imagination can conjure up and be paid for it.

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@Dog I always wished that I had that talent.

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@hearkat: I’m looking to do that or speech pathology :)

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I work with government funding. Very challenging right now. But the fun part is that I get to spend your hard earned tax dollars for you.

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I consult on projects for multinationals, work when I want, with whom I want and for how long I want. This after many different corporate jobs, hard knocks, good times, bad times, recessions, changing fads, and flavors of the month. In the end all about your passion, creativity and people skills. The latter, far and away the most important if you want freedom and success. The degree itself, except in specific fields not a huge factor.

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US Army. I love the benefits and the travel.. the camaraderie and the lessons in leadership.

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Jobs I got offered are in the two fields where I have already proven myself: music and teaching. The money for music is not as good as what I used to make (or expect to make), which is why I’d rather not do it. And the teaching unfortunately is very limiting timewise, and I don’t know how things will turn out with my daughter. So I’m keeping my options open until September.

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@hug_of_war: I just saw that in another post… I think the one about our educational backgrounds. As closely related as speech and hearing are, I found them to be quite different as careers. Phonetics probably came as easily to me as anything I’ve ever tried to learn; but language in itself does not compute… I am more mathematically minded, so Audiology clicked with me immediately!
For you, the fact that Audiology now requires a Doctorate (the AuD) while Speech Pathology is still a Master’s might have some influence. But I can tell you that there is a dearth of Audiologists because of the shift to the Doctorate, and the reduction in the number of programs for the AuD.

@Dog: He isn’t going to school. He’s (understandably) sick of school, and doesn’t want to go to college without an idea of what he’s working towards. I can understand his point, but I feel he is wasting time. Our current truce is that he will take a semester off and continue looking into career options.

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My current career is software development, mostly web-based applications. It was my hobby eleven years ago, but I couldn’t pass up the money, so now it pays for my life.

I love it because it seems as though I just go to a big secured building and play around all day. I don’t even play computer games because writing software is so much more challenging and exciting. There’s always a new problem to solve, so I never have to buy the “expansion pack” to get more from it.

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I work as a hourly supervisor in retail. I quite enjoy it. I love all my cashiers and I get a kick out of the customers. Some are a-holes and it makes me laugh and others are just plain nice people that I’ve come to know over time. My ultimate plan is to be a stay at home mom again or only work a few hours a week, but my husband got laid off from his job and we decided it was a good time for him to go to school like he’d always wanted, so I went back to work full time. I hate being away from my kids, but at least I have a job I like, even if it isn’t glamourous or anything.

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I have been a firefighter now for 20 years and it never gets old. There is something interesting on every call. Saving a life and bringing peace to those in fear or panic makes you feel increadible inside.

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@hearkat There are a lot of core courses he can take to fulfill basic degree requirements after he takes his semester off regardless to whether he has a declaired major. Of course you could do what my parents did- they made me pay rent and all my own bills when I decided not to go to college. It was not long before I was back in with renewed enthusiasm. :)

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I’m a Interactive Marketer. Basically I create and manage online marketing campaigns. I love that I am never stuck doing the same thing everyday. For instance I may spend one day analyzing data from a running campaign trying to find something in the numbers that will give us insight into how we can improve our project while the next day is spent in Photoshop or flash building graphics and banners. It’s the perfect mix of analysis and creativity and that is something that keeps me in love with my job.

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@Dog: Thanks; Those are good suggestions that have been made, and mirror my own journey through finding my vocation. I am just hopeful that inspiration strikes sooner rather than later in his case, because he is more tightly-wound than I ever was.

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Engineer. It’s creative work (usually), well-paid and I don’t have to deal with people F2F.

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just an update for everyone… i didn’t end up going to college in the fall, i decided on taking a full time job in the kitchen of a nursing home/rehabilitation center close to where i live, i’ve been there five months and i have moved my way up from a dietary aide to a night cook, to now the Dietary Assistant Manager, they are paying for me to go to school for eighteen months to become a certified food service director ! then next year, i will be starting on my dietician’s degree. a lot different than what i originally had set out for, but i’m very happy !

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@vegelizabeth It doesn’t matter where you are…you are exactly where you are supposed to be in life. Congratulations on finding your path!

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Husband and I manage our farm that sells all natural, no antibiotics or chemicals
grass fed Hereford meat from our Hereford cows and Hereford pork from our Hereford
Hogs. We also sell all natural chicken and soy free eggs. It feels great to be able to
supply the public with a product that is good for them and wholesome and tastes

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