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How do you get rid of a bad smell?

Asked by Cici (14points) May 22nd, 2009

my not so smart boyfriend left rotting fruit in the boo/trunk of my car and now my whole car stinks- seriously how do i get rid of the smell- i febrezed it but its just masking the smell- help people?

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Get it really clean. If all the parts of the fruit are really out of there, the smell should go away. But if there is something left, it will keep on smelling. And baking soda is a good cleaner for this kind of thing.

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Can you steam clean the upholstery in the trunk?

If not, I would spray it liberally with an enzyme stain remover (like the kind for pet urine smells) and leave the trunk up to air out for a while.

Good luck.

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Clean clean and clean some more. I’d put one of those odor absorbers in there too.

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2nding baking soda. I use it on my shoes.

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Charcoal absorbs odors.

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use a product like Nature’s Miracle which uses enzymes to neutralize organic odors. The spray formula works well, all you do is mist the area, then let it air dry with the trunk door open overnight. Once dry, sprinkle the area lightly with baking soda and vacuum it out.

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I second @mcbealer on Natures Miracle- works fantastic on evil elusive smells.
Baking soda is good but do not mix it with moisture or it becomes hard to clean up and forms a crust.

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Douse with gasoline and ignite.

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Get two or three guayabas. Keep them inside your car for a few hours. The strong smell of guayaba will mask any other smell there is. A friend of mine once puked in the front seat of my car and the guayabas made it go away.

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Stop eating the beans.

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