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How to ask your girlfriend to the dance?

Asked by Jay484 (1555points) May 22nd, 2009

My grade 8 grad is comming soon and I wan’t to ask my girlfriend to the dance but I don’t know how!!!! Help plz!

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Don’t u ask her out?

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Ask her. WTF? It is your girlfriend.

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Please don’t ask my girlfriend to your dance…wtf

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Does if feel akward for you?

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i found a cute webpage with some ideas it’s…

but here are just a few creative date invites that i found to be interesting, sorry if they are a bit ‘corny’.. lol

1) Scavenger Hunt. Put together a scavenger hunt for your date with the first clue given to him or her by a mutual friend. The hunt can lead to you, or each clue can also contain a clue to who is asking him or her out.

2)Ding Dong. Leaving a Hostess Ding Dong on your future date’s doorstep with a note saying, “Don’t be a Ding Dong, go to the dance with me” or “I’d be a Ding Dong not to ask a cutie pie like you.”

3)In a Pickle. Buy a jar of pickles, hide your name on a laminated card inside, and put a new label on the jar that reads, “I’ll be in a pickle if you say no. Will you go out with me Friday?”

i remember the days of middle school dances!
( this is an alternative, unless your just nervous, either or good luck) ! :)

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She’s your girlfriend, right? Just go for it!
You should be able to easily. If she’s your girlfriend that basically means she likes you and WANTS to go to dances and dates with you! :P

What do you think having a gorlfriend means?

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Aaah, the first steps of manhood!

Ask her well in advance. The brave way to ask her is to pick up the phone, call her, and ask. Or eat lunch with her and ask her if she wants to go. The easiest way is to start with casual conversation, “Are your parents going to let you go to the 8th grade dance?” The answer to that is either Yes or No. If it’s no, stop there. If it’s yes, follow up with “Would you like to go with me?”

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@Musicx3- What does that mean?

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At this point, Pandora smacks @Musicx3 and reminds him that 15 is not that far from 8th grade, when “going with someone” involved neither actually going out with them, or in many cases, having ever spoken directly to the the girl.

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It seems she said yes.

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I never want to go back to my childhood.

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@chyna, Just think how much better it could be the second time around, knowing what you know now…

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@PandoraBoxx – that’s very, very true ! :)
things would be much easier ! lol..

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@oratio – i guess she did !
i saw the other “question”, haha

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uh, do you wanna dance?

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grab her hand and pull her to dance.
start dancing.

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not roughly though.

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Plus she said yes

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just ask her if shes your girlfriend shell want to go to dances with you just talk to her and then ask her

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Just ask her. If she wants to go with you, she’ll say yes… ;)

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