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Between sex and money, which do you think is a greater motivating force in our society?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14596points) May 22nd, 2009 from iPhone
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I’m only 13

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I tend to think of money as the greater motivating force if for no other reason than most people believe that with enough money one can get sex.

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I also think that money is a greater motivating factor than sex. In America, money can buy you everything.

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For women, money. For men, sex.

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It depends on which you have less of.

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We’re talking substantially different motivations one being biological and the other social. From an individual’s standpoint, @Dog, is right on. I’d like to think, from a personal standpoint, I offer a complete package encompassing both (but sorry, I can’t offer….sccrowell has already called dibs)

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I think money, I think people are so into material things they dont see the good in simple things anymore.

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Good answer, Dog.

I’ll go with money.

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@bluesky welcome to Fluther!

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Money by a long shot. Sex is used as a tool all around us to gain revenue.

As a whole, money is easily the greater motivating force. But of course, individually, it varies.

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Money over sex, because, money can buy you sex.

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I was in high school, in a car waiting for a friend to come out, to ride to some school function with us. The girl’s mom came out to say she would be ready in a few minutes. Our friend was really plain (homely) looking, and her mother was drop dead beauty pageant gorgeous. I remarked that our friend looked nothing like her mother.

The mom driving the car remarked, in her very best lady-like southern voice, “Honey, beautiful women often marry men for their money. Usually rich men aren’t handsome, and there’s no guarantee that children will look like their mother.”

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It almost makes it seem unnatural..

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I provide sex for money, in case you chose sex.

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@SeventhSense, it does seem a little calculating, doesn’t it?

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Sex for young men , money for old men. No one knows what women want.

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@justwannaknow i like that “what women want” in ur answer..
i would choose money…

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Money. The drive for money puts sex on the back burner until you get the money and then you want to celebrate by having lots of sex. I think that’s how it goes but it’s been awhile.

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And I disagree with the rich men not being handsome. I’m handsome and I’m…um….well never mind…ok maybe it is true

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I think money. If you have money, you can find ways to get sex. If you don’t have money and want money – find the right (or wrong, depending on the way you are looking at it) person and you can trade sex for money. It all seems to come back to money.

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@cak…For me, somehow and for some reason, everything comes back to sex. I guess that is because, fortunately, money has never been an issue and I’m a…a…a…very sensual.

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@wtf me, too. Money, it comes and goes. Sex…a big and important part of my life! ;~)

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Go with money. You can never go wrong with money.

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How about a third option- Love.

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I would have said sex a year ago. Now that I’m feeling better, it doesn’t seem so important. For me, sex is a symbol of love. It doesn’t happen without love (for me). So maybe money, which, I believe, is a stand-in for status, although it doesn’t measure status very accurately, is a greater motivator. Although, If I didn’t have any sex in my life, I’d certainly trade my intelligence to have it.

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Money. cause then you can buy sex.

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