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How do you transfer a mini-DV to a DVD?

Asked by suz93 (3points) May 22nd, 2009
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Im not completly sure about this because i have never done it but like most disks you would have to rip the information on the mini DV to your PC and then burn it to a CD-RW which stands for re-writable, this should run just like a normal DVD.

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Typically, you can transfer the data on the miniDV via the camcorder that uses the miniDV being connected yo your computer i.e. the miniDV will be in your camcorder which itself is connected to your PC (USB, Firewire, etc.).

Often times, the camcorder comes with software that will transfer and either convert the video into computer readable format (e.g. mpeg) that can then be burnt to DVD (using software like Premiere, Final Cut, Windows DVDMaker, etc.), or include DVD burning features itself.

There are other ways (such as connecting the camcorder directly to a DVD recorder, commercial disc replicator, etc.) but via the (ubiquitous) PC is probably the most accessible for the average person.

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Are you talking like Sony Handycam?

I just got one in December. I’m not sure if this the best way to do this but I transfer the video to my pc. There I used the Sony editing tools to trim or whatever. Then you have to save or convert the file to mpeg format and use a different software to burn it to a traditional dvd. I use Showbiz to do extra editing and I believe that’s how I burned the DVD also. I’ve only done one so far.

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