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Pancakes or waffles?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7793points) May 22nd, 2009

when you go out for breakfast, which do you choose? how do you like your pancakes or waffles? THIN? THICK?

my wife loves both waffles and/or pancakes but either has to be thin or she will not eat it.

what do you put on your pancakes or waffles? how do you make them? any interesting recipes to share? for the record, my family loves the combination of fried chicken and waffles.

waffles or pancakes for dinner? why?

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Edit: Yes, please.
(Pardon my poor manners!)

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@hearkat you’re a breakfast at dinner time eater. i can tell. who says you can’t eat this stuff at 9 at night?

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In real life, neither.

On Fluther, PANCAKES!

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beer pancakes.

if i’m on fluther, i like them fresh outta the frizzer.

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I am a waffle person. I’ve never been in to pancakes too much. I will eat Eggo waffles and be quite content but sometimes I’ll break out my Belgian Waffle maker. I use lots of butter and butter flavored Aunt Jemima Syrup! Sheesh, I’m getting hungry thinking about it!

I will eat the occasional pancake. But I don’t like anything but white corn syrup on those, can’t stand the taste of my Aunt Jemima on pancakes! I will eat waffles anytime of the day but I can’t eat a pancake for dinner.

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Couldn’t have said it any better :D

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I’m a “whatever, whenever, wherever” eater (or whatever). If it suits your mood, go for it!
(in moderation, of course… I am in the process of improving my fitness)

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i remember eating buckwheat pancakes back in the day and threw it all up. for years i did not eat pancakes, but found a new passion for them when i made them from scratch with fresh bananas. the combo is so homey and comforting. i warm up good maple syrup from canada and the taste is to die for.

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Light, fluffy pancakes. Big ol’ stack. Slab on some sweet butter and drown ‘em in some Canadian Maple Syrup. Why? ‘Cause they be tasty!

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When given the choice, WAFFLES all the way! I rather like a scoop of ice cream plus strawberries and whipped cream on my waffle. For breakfast. (Is that wrong?)

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somebody just had to bring crepes into this. yeah, i do creeps. er uh, crepes.

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Pancakes with lots of butter and syrup. Breakfast, brunch, or dinner.

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when I eat out, I order pancakes, but at home I eat Eggos Waffles.

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@mockturtle nope. not at all. i have a friend who lays the whip cream and fruit on like it’s going out of town. he loves waffles any time of day. vanilla in the batter makes it happen!

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I prefer waffles but will eat both. I like to eat them with strawberries and whip creme.

I have a pancake recipe where I add cinnamon and honey into the batter. It makes them slightly heavy but you they taste good enough you can eat them plain.

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i’m going to go with waffles. much more decadent.

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Waffle. It’s fluffier.

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In my Fluther World pancakes all the way. In life, chocolate chip waffles!

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“Let’s get some fuckin’ Fraaaaanch toast!” ~ The 40 Year Old Virgin

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Mrs. Butterworths Butter-lite syrup on Krustez Waffles, topped with an egg, crispy bacon on the side.
It is so easy to make waffles, I am surprised anyone uses the frozen. Yes, they can be messy, but they are oh so good.

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@filmfann Come on, this is fluther land right now. You cannot have lite syrup. Only in real life can it be lite.

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Real syrup gives me sugar headaches. Gotta go lite

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Pancakes, unless the waffles are sweet, hot, and fresh from a stand in Brussels.

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And I adore breakfast for supper!

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Isn’t it funny how some foods elicit such strong, good emotions? These really are comfort foods.

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Sounds like a good question for fluther! And it is!

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Pancakes. I don’t really like eating breakfast food in the morning. It makes me even more lazy

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I do like waffles over pancakes, but above that is French toast for me. This thread is making me hungry! And breakfast should always be a dinner option.

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When I was pregnant I couldn’t get enough of them.

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When I make it at home – pancakes.

When I go out to eat – french toast all the way!

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I prefer thin dollar pancakes with warm maple syrup, and I will happily eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Waffles are okay, but French Toast is much better, especially the way I make it.

When I was a kid one of our special Sunday breakfasts involved placing a slice of Spam on the griddle and then pouring pancake batter around it. When both the Spam and the pancake were cooked we ate it with maple syrup. We called them Spamcakes.

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I like the crispy texture of waffles, and the slightly sweeter flavor. Warm maple syrup filling the little squares mingling with melted butter.

I haven’t had waffles in many ears. I don’t have an iron, and even if I did, I don’t like to bother with it. I never order them in a restaurant because they charge so much more for them, and it’s usually just a single little waffle.

Then again, I don’t need to eat that much, anyway, and I’m worth the extra cost. I’m going to die someday, and I’m eating pancakes and french toast, instead! Screw that! I’m gonna go out and eat me some waffles! In a week or so. Right now, I’m sticking to the suggested diet in my 40-day yoga program.

Edit: Also, I eat anything at any time of day. Why limit myself?

Another way to enjoy pancakes is to use them in place of the biscuit in “biscuits and gravy”. That’s good eats!

Obviously, I’m talking in RL. In Flutherland, it’s pancakes over popcorn any day!

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This is Fluther, right? Looks around to make sure. Pancakes, of course!

But in real life, French Toast made with vanilla tops them all!

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Waffles. Pancakes are too cake-like for me.

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Damn, I’d planned on bacon and eggs this morning but now I’ve changed my mind… Get out the strawberries!

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I make crepes (so basically pancakes). I change the recipe a bit and make them slightly eggier and thicker, and not as fluffy.

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I much prefer French Toast, then next in line is Waffles, then Pancakes.
Although, my husband makes the most delicious pancakes I’ve ever had. He adds ingredients I never thought to add.

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I missed the breakfast party! :( I’ll eat breakfast any time of day. We usually have a breakfast dinner once a week.

Waffles are my favorite. I like them smothered with fresh strawberries, powdered sugar and whipped cream. I’m with @NaturalMineralWater, pancakes are too cakey.

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WAFFLES! Personally i don’t like pancakes. And I love waffles especially with chocolate chips. I know a place that makes them delicious. And of homemade ones are delicious too. I have a machine that makes them. And I eat them everyday before i go to school. Also my favorite pancake house make them like this
(btw I don’t eat pancakes at the pancake house. You can eat any breakfast you want.)
But ofcourse its an opion based question some say waffles while others say pancakes. Goodluck on watever you pick

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On fluther i would have to say pancakes…. mounds and mounds of pancakes.. and what i put on them is sexy fluther girls.

IRL chocolate chip waffles with maple syrup is just fine by me… with chocolate milk.

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Pancakes, certainly. Pancakes with a pat of butter and real grade A light amber Vermont maple syrup. Waffles and French toast are nice, and if you’re cooking I won’t complain, but if you line ‘em up for choosing, it’s always going to be pancakes, with just a hint of vanilla and nutmeg added.

And then, of course, pancakes.

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@Jeruba – Well, of course!

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pancakes in my fluther time, waffles anytime.

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My Grandson’s cat is named Waffles.

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My favorite dog (a cocker) was named Waffles.

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Had a stack of Bananas Foster pancakes before 6 hours of dancing. So good.

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Chicken fingers.
Hot sauce dip!!!

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I know all of you have to answer this question all the time but for my sake could you tell me what the hell is up with Pancakes and Fluther?

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Pancakes, always pancakes!

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Definitely pancakes!

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I love that all these old questions are resurfacing! Who doesn’t like Pancakes?

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Ah, blueberry pancakes with Canadian maple syrup!

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waffle pancake waffle

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Chocolate chip waffles sandwiched between buttermilk pancakes a la mode if you please.

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I recently had a fresh, hot Bavarian waffle with Nutella spread over it… heavenly

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@Dr_C I think that would have to be one of the best creations I have ever heard! Your amazing Lurve! And I’m going to try that as soon as possible

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@sjmc1989 I highly recommend it ;)

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as an english person ive got to say pancakes – we dont really ‘do’ waffles :)

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@YCLYHO I don’t “do” waffles either… that’s kinda ike playing with your food… it’s bad manners!

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@Dr_C That’s just nasty! Lol!

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@ru2bz46 yet fitting for this particular thread no?

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@Dr_C Yeah, well, just ‘cause something’s nasty doesn’t mean I don’t do it anyway. ;-) And, yes, this is the place for just such a comment.

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@YCLYHO – But you guys do crumpets, which, while derived from pancakes, have extra holes, like waffles, to fill with butter and other good toppings.

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I live in New England so only one choice. WAFLES WITH REAL MAPLE SYRUP. plus they stand up in the frizzer better.

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are they next to the cake in the frizzer?

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I prefer waffles. Best on a Sunday morning. Sometimes with fresh fruit. Always with maple syrup.

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