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Hotel "why" question #1: hair dryers.

Asked by Jeruba (51102points) May 22nd, 2009

How come so many hotels with installed hair dryers have a bright light showing where the cord attaches to the unit, and why does the light flicker constantly in an irregular pattern?

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I want to follow this question because I’m very curious too.

I stayed at this one hotel that had some kind of smoke/CO alarm that had this horrible green blinking light. I absolutely couldn’t stand it so I took some masking tape and covered it up before I went to sleep.

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according to this site, it’s a night light.

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So you can locate the hair dryer quickly when you wake up in the middle of the night and need to blow hot air on yourself.

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That must be an Amercian thing, I’ve not seen it in Oz.

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Maybe it’s for deaf people so they can see if they left it on by accident

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I’ve never noticed, but then I don’t use blow driers.

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I agree with @Tink1113. It’s probably for handicapped people.

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I want to know why they have the tiniest hair dryers possible. It takes forever to dry your hair!

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@casheroo, now, that can be explained by cost reduction. Any kind of corner-cutting is easy to understand.

The light in the hair dryer blinks all the time, even when the unit is off and not in use. There is nothing about the blinking that could possibly convey anything to a handicapped person. It’s just a bright blinking light, and the curious part is that it is not a steady, regular blinking but more erratic, like the blinking of a computer disk or router during data transfer. A night light? Maybe…but why blinking?

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@Jeruba – Because either it is broken, or it is another way to annoy you. Those hotel maids can be really passive-aggressive you know.

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I’m in a hotel room right now. Pleased to report no blinking hair dryer.

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In a hotel room right now too. No blinking hair dryer here either (I am looking out for it specially for you @Jeruba). I’ll be in a different hotel later today and throughout the next 9 days. Will report back accordingly. We’ll figure this out!

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Me and Devi aren’t in the same hotel room, if you were wondering. At least she thinks so

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@PnL and @richardhenry, thanks for the status. How about the beds? Report here, please.


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No blinking hair dryer in hotel #2.

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I’m at a hotel right now where the hair dryer has a light which blinks irregularly. I’ve seen them before. When I turn on the hair dryer the light goes off. It does not make sense that this would be for the deaf if the light only blinks when the hair dryer is off.

My best theory is that there is a particular, popular model of hair dryers with night-lights which fail frequently and start blinking irregularly. This is a Sunbeam 1500.

On this particular model the light is indeed supposed to be a night-light:

So I think they just fail for some reason in this odd way.

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@qwerty4321, how in the world did you find this question after 21 months? Were you really looking for questions about hair dryers in hotels?

Note, that link doesn’t work. Try this: turn an appropriate word into a link by putting the word between quotes, followed immediately by a colon, like this:


and then put the URL right after the colon, without a space. Then the link becomes hot.

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