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Hotel "why" question #2: beds.

Asked by Jeruba (48719points) May 22nd, 2009

What is the idea of making up beds with the sheets tucked so that they come only about 3/4 of the way up the bed? If you want to actually be under the covers and not have your chest and shoulders exposed, you have to untuck the covers at the foot of the bed, pull them all up, and retuck them. When you’ve done that, they’ll make them up the same way the next day anyway.

We have seen this at three places we’ve stayed. It never used to be the custom anywhere I ever traveled. I can’t imagine the point of it, and I can’t believe that most people actually like it this way. What’s the explanation for this practice, and how widespread is it?

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I have noticed this too. I have to pull out all the covers as they are tucked in so tight I can’t get in the bed.

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It’s actually supposed to be a fold at the top so when the top fold is undone it comes to the top edge of the bed without having to pull the sheet out fom the foot.

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So maybe I am unfolding it wrong, therefore the whole untucking issue.

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Are you staying in a hotel tonight, @Jeruba? hehe

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I thought that at first, @SeventhSense, but when you unfold it (at least in the places I’ve visited), the sheet-over and sheet-under duvet arrangement comes apart, but you’re still getting the cold shoulder, so to speak.

I actually asked about this at two of the places. At one, a chain, they said, “Oh, that’s our signature style” (as if it were unique to them). I said, “Why don’t you leave a signature chocolate mint on the pillow and make the bed up properly?” She just said, “I’m sorry.” At the other place, it was “Because that’s the way the boss told us to do it.”

No, tonight I’m home (hurray!), but we’ve been gone for more than a week.

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I hate that and then the bed spread touches me because it is longer than the sheets. And we have already discussed the unappealing bodily fluids etc. that is found on those spreads!

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You know, I kind of find it cozy. I just snuggle down lower into the bed so my legs and feet can be in tight and my shoulders can be covered. (The bedspread gets tossed right away.) I’m short, though, so it may not work for everyone.

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I wonder if it isn’t in large part because hotels save money by buying shorter sheets. And the bedspread always goes on the floor somewhere – I don’t want it anywhere near me.

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@Darwin, the sheets are not shorter. I wondered that too. But there is a huge amount tucked under—enough for a generous tuck to remain even after rearranging them to come all the way up.

I’m sure this sheet-lined duvet is more sanitary because the outer and inner sheets can be laundered much more easily (and hence frequently) than the customary bedspreads. But the sheet size still seems to be standard. So nothing obvious is being saved at the cost of annoying guests. Usually you can see what the cost-saving measure is, but not in this case.

Our last night away, the token bedspread at the foot was not even a spread—just a kind of runner fashioned to resemble a quilt but only about 18” wide, too short even for newborns.

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@Jeruba – Maybe they just like to annoy guests by short-sheeting the beds, just as they stick that little randomly blinking light on the hair dryer (or the smoke detector). Or possibly all the maids are really short so they don’t see what the problem is.

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When I have issues with the bedding, I ask housekeeping to fix it. It doesn’t work if it’s only one night, but for a multi-night stay I have been know to talk to the manager.

I also have an issue with the couches that feel like they have never been wiped down. I always ask for an extra blanket which I throw over the couch. At one hotel we frequent, I sent a letter to the manager before our two week stay and specifically asked him to have the couch shampooed before my arrival, and it was spic and span.

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I got used to tight bedding, because my mother only fixes a bed up military style. I do hate tight bedding, and don’t understand why they do that at hotels.

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I like it tight.

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The hotel I was in yesterday had a loose duvet, it wasn’t tucked in at the bottom at all. It was a comfy, big bed. 4/5.

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@richardhenry But was PNL’s duvet loose?

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^are they that intimate?

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@chyna No, but her clown shoes were a little.

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Honestly, I can’t remember last night’s hotel bed…I must have been too preoccupied with my clown shoes. @richardhenry, don’t forget I know where you live. Hmph. The sheets in this hotel’s bed are 3/4 there but I just pulled them up from the top without having to loosen from the foot so their tuck ratio is perfect. Plus this bed is ridiculously comfy, much better than last night’s!

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