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How do you describe color to a blind person?

Asked by Sminman (40points) December 22nd, 2007

Just wondering how you would?

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I don’t believe it is possible. :-/

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I guess explain different colors are just like different sounds. That’s pretty much exactly what it is, different wave frequency.

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I was thinking temperature would be a good way to describe colors.

Cold is blue and hot or warm is orange or red, something like that.

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Well, I don’t believe that a blind person even knows what color is. Because of that it would be very hard or even impossible to imagine any of the colors.

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This isn’t much of an answer, Sminman, but I have read that when writing music, Stevie Wonder sees notes in colors, coming forth from the instrument he is using, and even uses the various shades to note proper harmonics for the piece. This makes me feel [I seldom go on feelings—it can get you in trouble], regardless, that those who are blind may have a greater ability to understand color than we think would be possible.

In my experience of seeing those who have major disabilities, it seems the body begins to grow nerve synapses, let’s say which would normally be towards the eyes, in another direction, so that the blind one will become able to figure out many of the things sight would usually reveal.

Interestingly, a few days ago, I noticed on Oprah [tape her every afternoon, to check her out nighttime], a young man was born blind, and during his childhood, he naturally began to click his tongue between his front teeth, and found he could receive as by radar, the clicking sound in differing frequencies bouncing back from the various objects about him. After a number of years practice, he showed how able he is to walk without a cane, finding himself around both inside and outside, even in new houses and new cities, by clicking, and can identify what is to the left or right, above or below, and thus able to get around a little faster than a young teen trudging to school in the mornings with plenty of time on his/her hands. Seeing him do it on camera, and then vocally identify those things about him, was amazing!: “that’s a tree; a curb coming; the sound of his various friends he is able to identify! This makes me recognize there is surely a Higher Power Who hates to see any of His creation ill, and brings miracles for many, that their time here is more useful than they had thought—just so long as they go straight forward, always trying to find ways of making it regardless of their problems, without any boo-hoos for their situation in life! THAT mindset is a must for success for all of us!

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The same way you’d describe logic to most girls.

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