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What is your definition of "friend"?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23981points) May 22nd, 2009

It seems to mean so many different things, to different people. It seems to me a lot of people think of acquaintances as friends, which I don’t really understand.

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To me, a friend is someone who I can trust completely, and who shares a lot of the same values and interests as I do. I feel completely comfortable with them and they with me, and we don’t have to put up a ‘front’ with each other.

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” A friend is someone who came along and never left”

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To me, a friend is someone whom I wouldn’t mind spending time with alone one on one outside of school or a formal setting. And the reasons for that are many. That definition may not always be perfect, but it fits for how it is now. It’s more than an acquaintance. But it’s not necessarily a best friend. A best friend is different and “higher ranking”. Not all my friends are people that I would cry in front of or tell everything to. That’s reserved for [2] special people.

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Great question. I have only a handful of real friends, three or four of them, and all of them have been my friends for somewhere between 25 and almost 35 years, yet I am having the hardest time answering this question, defining it, putting into words what it means to me to be a friend. I have been so blessed when it comes to my friendships and I can’t seem to answer this question. How can that be? Maybe I’m just tired. I will have to get back to you on this one.

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A friend is someone who will help you move. A best friend is somebody that will help you move a body.

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A friend is someone you enjoy spending time with (voluntarily), someone you’re interested in (regardless of whether you share opinions and views or not) and someone you trust, who will give you a piece of their mind when needed, quietly support you when needed and completely distract you from all your worries when needed…....and they know when it’s needed.

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someone who laughs with you and cries with you

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Someone who you never doubt.

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“A friend is a single soul dwelling in two bodies”...Aristotle

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A friend is someone who loves you for who you are. Who isn’t afraid to tell you what they think you should change (and who isn’t afraid for you to do the same to them).

They will accept you. They will stay with you. And even if you leave them, they will always welcome you back.

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A friend is someone who comes running in when everyone else is runnng out because your life is a disaster. This is a paraphrasing of a cliche, but it is pretty damn true, in my experience.

There are a lot of great answers here, and I agree with them all.

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The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you’ve ever had.

True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it is lost. – Charles Caleb Colton

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. – Walter Winchell

Friendship is one mind in two bodies. – Mencius

Everyone hears what you say.
Friends listen to what you say.
Best friends listen to what you don’t say.

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@Bluefreedom Okay… So is it Mencius or Aristotle who said that?

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Someone you can trust, a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with, they’ll will be honest with you when you’re wearing something or doing something ridiculous, will listen, and will be there for you during the ups and downs of life.

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A friend tells you the truth, no matter how much it might hurt, if he/she thinks it’s the right thing for you.

I want that from MY friends and don’t want just “yes” men. “Yes” men you can always get.

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Good question, 10 seconds before I die I will let you know. Friends come and go. I have “friends’ due to work and hobbies. But the ones that are there throughout the changing course of your life are truly friends. This takes years to develop.

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Friends will come and go throughout life… You will notice as you develop which ones are for life and which are for that period in your life. Make the most out of what people can bring to enhance your life and always be networking. It is important to always be making ‘friends’ but really you will always only have a selective few that you will call your friends.

I guess it’s usually the ones that you can contact after periods of time without contact that still know everything about you and ask how your family are etc… Still showing they care.

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A friend is someone who will pick up the phone when you call at 3:00 in the morning and pretend it is 3:00 in the afternoon.

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Someone who knows all your deep dark secrets and still likes you anyway! I saw that in a card or something once and thought it seemed spot on.

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A true friend sticks with you through good and bad times, they support you when you need it and trust you enough to be their support.
A friend is someone you can not see for months on end but when you do finally catch up you can talk together for hours!!!

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You know the expression “Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies.”? I have friends like that, and I am one to them.

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A friend is someone who listens and will give you an honest appraisal of what they believe, not just what they think you want to hear, good or bad.

A friend is someone you may not always like, but will always have respect for.

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Someone who will tell you the truth.

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A true friend, to me, is someone who will not judge me but who will also offer objective advice, who will take the time to know me, who will care for me and my family, if necessary and someone that teaches me

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A friend will stay by me when I am in trouble, never mind if s/he is critical of me and mine; will offer help when I need it, even if it comes with a sermon. I hope I am as good a friend to others.

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A friend is someone that not only tells you he will help do something but actually shows up and helps. He is someone you can count on day or night if you get in a bind.

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A brother from different parents or just acquaintances who I want to make feel appreciated.

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“A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths;
feels your fears but fortifies your faith;
sees your anxieties but frees your spirit;
recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities.”
~~William Arthur Ward

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A friend knows where your bodies are buried. He knows all the skeletons in your closet. He has been through it with you. No matter how long it’s been since you last saw each other, it’s as if no time had passed.

A friend will always help you when you really need it. You are always welcome at a friends house, just as you always welcome them. A friend has the power to keep you from killing yourself, and the power to make you see the good in you. A friend will always try. Always.

I used to have three or four friends, but now, it’s hard to say. There may only be one.

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Check with Webster’s.

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@Kraken I didn’t know you wrote that

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@YARNLADY of course they’re flagging all of my stuff here so I might be gone for 2 months before I dare go back to this site. These censors here really piss me off. Just to let you know that intellectual individuality is not smiled upon at this site. I might not want to return to august given the cold reception I received tonight. Like I said Fluther really does suck monkey balls.

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@Kraken I appreciate that you like to go overboard, like any Kraken does, but the only time I was ever moderated or flagged was when I copied a quote from wikipedia without credit.

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@YARNLADY I ask anything here even if it is simple and it gets flagged. It makes me almost want to cry as you know that Jodie BS at Answerbag cost me dearly there. All I have left from my friendships is my game sites that I am guild master to on various sites where I have AB as well as friends as members to. At Gladiatus, 10 sEn is one of my Administrators and Chris is also at that game. As you duly know, I really have a lot to offer, and am a nice guy and cannot understand why true intellectual conversation is being stifled by the ersatz self-important administrators of this site. seriously I am pushing 40 and do not feel too much respect when a 20 year old feels that my content is not appropriate just because it exceeded the mental capacity of his pimply head.

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@Kraken Now see, that’s a perfect example of going overboard. Many of the mods are older adults, as are many of the users who place the flags. After being here for these past few months, I find it hard to believe that much is inappropriate, because there is a lot of content on here that I find objectionable, but maybe you are just not in sync with this site.

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to me a friend is someone who i am comfortable around and the vibe just feels right. Someone who calls me to talk and i could do the same. They know almost everything about you and don’t have to ask how you are feelings because they can just tell. And most definately someone that lets you know they care about you

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A friend is someone who knows all about you and likes you anyway.

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